If you have recently started your wedding planning and are now faced with finding your dream dress, there are lots of styles that you can choose from. There are plenty of options for a bridal dress and the first thing to consider is whether or not you want to choose a long or short dress. There are lots of benefits to both styles of dresses, just make sure that you choose something that you feel comfortable in.

Short Bridal Dresses

Short bridal dresses are becoming increasingly popular not just for the summer months, but also for modern brides as they make a real statement on your wedding day. One great benefit of choosing a short bridal dress is that you can wear it more than once and wear it again after your special day. Depending on your budget, there is a range of dresses available for a range of budgets, from those on the high street which have a lot of options now, to designer outfits.

If you have a theme for your wedding day then this can be incorporated into your wedding dress. The style of dress you choose may also depend on your venue and you might want to match your dress to your venue. For example, if you are getting married on a secluded beach then you might go for a short dress, but if you are getting married in an exclusive use castle, then you might choose to go for a long dress. If you are still unsure whether to choose a short or floor-length bridal dress, there are lots of benefits to choosing a short dress. Wearing a short dress will allow you to be able to walk down the aisle freely without worrying about tripping over a long train.

Short Vs Long Wedding Dresses - Which Is Best For You


One of the biggest benefits and sometimes the most important is your comfort on your wedding day! Choosing to wear a short dress rather than a longer dress will allow you to experiment with photo locations and poses too. If you feel more comfortable then it will enhance your wedding day as you will feel more at ease and relaxed. A shorter dress will also allow you to buy and wear some beautiful shoes on your wedding day, which usually would get lost underneath a long dress, but instead, they will proudly be on display.

Long Wedding Dresses

Whatever length dress you are looking to get for your wedding day, it’s important to consider the timelines and when you are getting married, make sure that you have plenty of time to get your dress made. Most wedding dresses take around four months to be made, and then you need an extra couple of months for alterations as well. If you choose a shorter dress, the alterations might not take as long, so this might be something to consider.

The main thing to remember is to keep an open mind when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. If you have your heart set on a particular length of the dress then allow yourself to try on a variety of styles and lengths to see what feels more comfortable. You might have your heart set on a long dress, but after trying on a few, you might decide that a shorter dress is better for you.

Short Vs Long Wedding Dresses - Which Is Best For You