A houndstooth yarn is a classic, stylish jacket that anyone can wear with a pair of jeans, a white vintage lace shirt or tweed riding jodhpurs.

It’s very fashionable now to be in the country, everyone is heading out to Chipping Campden Cotswold House Hotel to live that lifestyle. The Houndstooth trend is great because this look is for those people who want to just dip in, or for those who really live and breathe country living.

Heritage is massive, country chic is huge and being associated with the Cotswolds set is something people want to buy into for 2021.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

March 2020 is just the beginning of Covid for England.

For a fashion and lifestyle editor, for both my blog and MenStyleFashion. I often reviewed hotels and luxury cars since 2016 around England. I made sure I dressed up for every occasion. When it comes to my country image it is far from the traditional houndstooth attire.

Instead of red Skullhead wellington boots, I could opt for houndstooth ones. This is country chic at it’s best.

wellingtons Guideline for Buying Best Houndstooth Styles For Countryside Living

Rolls Royce

Whether it was driving Rolls Royce in Eton, Oxfordshire, Cumbria or Devon. I made sure I dressed up for every countryside living.

Rolls Royce phantom


When I am turning up at a castle, called Bovey Castle. It is important to make sure I am looking my best. Now if you take off this blue leather jacket made in Tuscany. Add a houndstooth yarn trench coat. The fashion becomes very classic England.

Bovey Castle Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV MenStyleFashion 2019 Artic White United Kingdom (29)

This is a very famous area of the Cotswolds many Londoners flocks to this area to be part of the heritage of British Countryside estate living.

Audi R8 Spyder - The People's Sportscar

I was way too loud driving around in the Audi R8 Spyder. It is now famous to drive supercars around the Cotswolds thanks to people like me and Jeremy Clarkson who lives in a village on his Diddly Squat Farm.


Aston Martin Country Living

The last time I visited the England countryside was March 2020, reviewing an Aston Martin DB 11 and an Audi TT. I knew this pandemic was going to hit hard. So I was going to make the most of the last countryside reviews. Sadly I have not been back yet, to the UK.

Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 MenStyleFashion review 2020 (2)

I was trending everything leather due to the tough glamour image of both the cars and my personality. The James Bond in me had to give off a tough leather image. This is me in the orange Audi TT, at London Ritz. My trousers made from tweed mix yarn is found in the houndstooth pattern. But traditionally houndstooth colour is black and white.

Guideline for Buying Best Houndstooth Styles For Countryside Living

You see how this versatile print can be worn from Five-star hotels to countryside pubs or boutique hotels.

Audi TT London Ritz Hotel Pulse Oran

Outside London Ritz Hotel off to the Cotswolds March 2020.

I am quite impulsive when it comes to buying clothes for myself. It’s with good reason: I want to spend my money wisely, but I also want everything in my wardrobe to be a forever piece and not bursting with clothes I never wear. It’s why I am currently selling as much as I can on a luxury platform called Vestiarie. I am not in favour of the traditional houndstooth yarns, I am thinking purple.

purple Guideline for Buying Best Houndstooth Styles For Countryside Living

The yarn chosen whether I am wearing a wool blazer, opting for navy teamed with my leather riding boots has to have an English huntsman flare to it. When it comes to countryside chic, England of the past or the Scottish border. The fashion photography shoot is always trending the famous houndstooth pattern.

Audi R8 Spyder V10 Gracie Opulanza (1)

In an Audi R8, It’s important I wear clothes I can fit into. This is a silk playsuit from Vietnam way back in 2018. This is a wonderful example of owning an outfit that will last a few seasons. Imagine this with a houndstooth blazer?

Houndstooth Pattern

The houndstooth was worn by those who have no noble title and who do not belong to a clan. It is the craftsmen and merchants’ pattern: its wearing is not restricted by any aristocratic rule. However, it is an eminent figure of the nobility, Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, who democratised the pattern. The Prince of Wales is photographed in the January, 15th 1934 issue of Vogue wearing a houndstooth suit. The aristocracy appropriated the pattern and incorporated it into their weekend-in-the-countryside wardrobe. The houndstooth check, in spite of its common origin, became a distinctive sign of the wealthy.

Driving a Jaguar or Range Rover Velar these English cars are ever so popular around the countryside of Britain. Now it ain’t houndstooth but the tartan trench is all very much the Scottish heritage yarn we all adore.


Noticed the cape and tartan skirt worn in the background.

Kate Middleton was standing next to the iconic Land Rover which is the IT car to drive around the countryside of England.

Range-Rover-Velar-Gracie-Opulanza-Yorkshire-Dales-2018-MenStyleFashion Wales

Imagine walking in a houndstooth trench with this glorious backdrop.


Roman Style

It wasn’t until the 1950s and the “Roman-style” that spread all over Europe that the houndstooth once again became a popular motif. The trend is always lurking every season. The houndstooth fabric can always be upcycled, recycled and has made a huge comeback thanks to Kate Middleton. During this pandemic, there is a countryside elegance to this yarn. It can be worn as a trench coat, blazer or a houndstooth skirt. I wore a two-piece suit way back in the 1980s. So whether I am visiting the Scottish estates in Scotland opting for Vivienne Westwood trouser legs. Or anything wool knits with a similar pattern. It is always a chic adventure to opt for as if I came straight off the fashion week at the Balenciaga runway.

This is me at Blenham Palace, another famous landmark for showcasing supercars like the McLaren 570, way back in 2018. The black playsuit is from an Australian brand called Country Road. Which I loved in the 1980s. I always wore tweed jackets with riding trousers.

McLaren-570s-Mantis-Green Blenheim Palace

Imagine this outfit with a houndstooth trench coat.

Where To Wear Houndstooth Bentley

If lockdown taught us anything, it was that even going to the pub is an occasion. Everyone has this new confidence, we want to wear our nice things, you don’t look out of place. Why not enjoy it? I have driven many Bentley’s around the UK English heritage at its best.


Nothing wrong with walking the Lakes District turning up in a Bentley Bentayga. I am just missing a houndstooth jacket which can easily be placed over this black playsuit from Country Road Australia.

Bentley bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza fashion lifestyle (1)

The Bentley Beluga travel bag below is a classic weekend bag for Country living.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Continental weekender calf leather bag sapphire Gracie Opulanza 2019 (5)

Wonderful to drive the Bentley GT in the Yorkshire Dales heading to  Swinton Estate 


I am quirky so adding a houndstooth jacket to this Country Road Australia dress. Gives this overall English countryside image a more traditional vibe. Choosing yarn worn as sleeves or a  t-shirt and a collar lace. Are fabulous with this wool pattern. I am Italian so I like to bring a Milan look to England.

Bentley GT Gracie Opulanza Car review lifestyle

I am wearing a wool skirt, lace-up Italian boots and my high heel trainers. These all can be replaced by a houndstooth blazer or trench coat for an English chic vibe.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Gracie Opulanza 2019

The skirt is from Dolce & Gabbana, add some eccentric tweed or houndstooth scarf and it’s an all outlandish look. No camouflage with my outfits when living in the country, UK.

Dolce Gabbana Gracie Opulanza Bentley bentayga

Country Pearls

Known as one of the great beauties of London society, Campbell was regularly featured in magazines and rarely seen without the three-string pearls she had inherited from her grandmother. She wore them both in the day with tweed suits and at night with off-the-shoulder ball gowns.

Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1)

Ferrari Lusso GTC4T Cumbria MenStyleFashion (1)

So I often wear pearls when driving around England in a Ferrari. On this occasion trending a handcrafted red crotchet dress

Mihaelamarkovic Knitwear

Team this red dress with a houndstooth trench and it will give a whole new look. So as you can see investing in a high-quality houndstooth trench and blazer will last me a lifetime.

Combat Green

I am not sure if there is a houndstooth yarn in green, But the combat fashion is a must for this winter. Combing combat fashion with houndstooth green is certainly a trend I will set.

Guideline for Buying Best Houndstooth Styles For Countryside Living (3) green

Or replacing my moss green wool cape for a green one.

Green moss gracie opulanza Tuscany 2021 150 year old tree wool (1