I am a lover of military jackets. I a massive fan of Napoleon Bonaparte attire. I am predicting that anything representing military attire for 2021 will be worn. It’s because now we are all in survival mode. Or in my case combat mode.

The more I hear about personal friends losing jobs the more I visualize my gloves off. We are in a world that requires a battlefield mindset.

As mental health problems kick in. I do all that I can to seek and fight inner peace.

It’s why I will be finding a vintage military jacket.

Military fashion empowers me to function through out 2021.

Military jackets for women2021 (1)

Melania Trump

I have always admired what Melania has worn over the years. She is truly a style icon.

Today what she wore to exit the role as the first lady is a very somber and strong message.

She left like the Romans fighting to the bitter end. I assume she wore black like attending a funeral, her hour of death.

But from an outsider looking in. There is no way she looked defeated.

For her final outing as First Lady, Melania wore a black cropped Chanel coat with a row of gold buttons, which she paired with a black pencil skirt, black Christian Louboutin stilettos, gloves and geometric black sunglasses.

Melania Trump wearing combat military jacket 2021

Her gold buttons all on the side of the jacket was a message that she always owned her personal sense of style.  Melania’s accessory that took her look up a notch, black Hermès Birkin bag, which comes with a price tag of £50,000.

She is powerful in her very non-conventional way of being the first lady. She never conformed to that stereotypical first lady role. She didn’t even support American fashion because they never supported her.

She was the leader in super high heels.

I will respect that of her. For me one of the top stylish first ladies in history.

Military Jackets

How you opt for your military jacket comes down to your lifestyle. For me, the short fitted style jackets suit me very well.

Military jackets for women2021 (2)

Of course the above is influenced by military colours with a very feminine touch. The attention to detail will always be a  part of my military-inspired jacket. And in this case, the velvet red trimmings just are so edgy.

I would team it with jodphurs for a more edgy combination.

jodphurs 2021.

jodhpurs vintage


Rich red and deep navy work so well as a combination. Opt for any tight legging again it’s all about what combat message you are seeking.

red leather leggings

military jacket for women

Long Military Jackets

Electric blue for me is so powerful to wear. Great colour for an upbeat way of getting through a pandemic. The jacket below has no buttons and for me, a military jacket always has to have buttons. It’s a message for getting ready to fight on the battle field of living.

If you prefer a longer jacket then make sure it’s not too long.

https://gracieopulanza.com/?s=lockdown midnight blue

I do love this style. Again so powerful to wear. The choices are endless.

military style jackets

Military Contrasting Colours

Do look at the history of the colours worn. The below jacket for me is stunning. I am a lover of deep rich contrasting colours.

military contrasting jacket wool

You can’t go wrong with red, gold, and navy blue.

Vintage Military Jackets

Years ago I bought a military jacket that was used in world war 1.

gracie opulanza military jacket world war 1

It was heavy, dark blue, and was amazing. If vintage attire is what you are seeking. France is the place to find them.

In this video, I am wearing the jacket interviewing a three-time world champion for downhill mountain biking.


red wool military jacket

The detail in this red jacket is stunning. it really comes down to personal choice. With every season comes a fresh take on a classic. Soldier up. How you pull off military style in a civilian world all comes down to you.

As outerwear, this jacket is the most essential military-style combat fashion statement you will ever dress in.

Don’t hold back on plenty of frills when it comes to your shirt matching. Always team it with knee-high boots.