I love the ‘tough’ glamour, the sense of female resilience and strength. Let me talk about tough glamour today regarding plus size women versus the ladies of the 1990s.  How are our role models women of all sizes wearing tough glamour?

My Vogue inspirational models were my all-time favourites below. This was who I compared myself to through my youth. Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Helena Christensen, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, Stephanie Seymour, by Peter Lindbergh (1991) Shoots for US Vogue and was an epic production. Wearing Chanel biker boots and leathers, we posed in downtown New York against the Brooklyn Bridge. Peter Lindbergh had a cinematic vision and was instrumental in defining the 1990s supermodel look.

Tough Glamour - Female Resilience & Strength Style Tips

I am fifty, I have wonder woman resilience to fat and ugly shaming. The reason is simple. These 1990’s models deep down gave me the confidence to be the best looking me.  I knew I could not look like them, but I could dress like them.

Inspired By 1990’s Tough Glamour

This is me reviewing my first ever car Ford Mustang way back in 2015. Showcasing tough glamour in the world of car marketing for women. This was a revolutionary photoshoot directed by me.

As I wanted to make it clear that the car marketing for women sitting on the bonnet with their legs spread had to be challenged. It was my tough glamour message coming into the world of luxury car reviews representing women. Not many women were reviewing cars at this time. I opted to pioneer press on cars through fashion, lifestyle and persona. As an owner of a man’s magazine, I had to take up this challenege.

Ford Mustang GT V8 Gracie Opulanza fendi, leather dress 2015 (8)

You can read all my car reviews on MenStyleFashion.

For me wearing vintage jewellery is all about tough glamour.

Ford Mustang GT V8 Gracie Opulanza fendi, leather dress


Change makes us feel uneasy. It’s destabilising. This is why we like to attribute it to noxious (and preferably foreign) forces. Adele once said:

“I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym”

Adele is now 100lbs lighter and giving cover interviews to American Vogue in Spandex. Does she now not reflect tough glamour? She didn’t before, because tough glamour starts inside the soul.

This is why implicit grumbles of “traitor” from all the FAT, plus-size women (and men) are so upset. They no longer can make excuses for being overweight. They can’t identify with Adele about the no problem of being overweight. Her obesity is why fat people invested in Adele. She was representing fat-shaming as remaining ‘normal’.

Physically, mentally and spiritually is why Adele is the most powerful woman on earth challenging fat people to lose weight within.

Adele lost weight by dealing with the garbage within. A very private healing affair. This is why fat-shaming took no place in her epic transformation. Adele’s mental health by being fat was reflected in her eating and drinking habits. Smoking also took a toll on her voice.

Not dealing with issues regarding her upbringing her alcoholic father and culturally in the UK. The British loved to booze on until they drop.

This is why Adele left the spotlight to deal with her inner deep problems. She recognised she could be another Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston. Women with deep youth problems and amazing voices lost their lives to drugs and alcohol abuse. Thanks to partly the music industry who does not care about them, just their, money-making skills.

Adele tough Glamour Vogue One and only

Rebel Wilson

Ironically Rebel Wilson who social media the whole process of her weight loss, unlike Adele. Was powerful too. Fat people can’t associate with her either anymore. She rebelled against the norm of plus-size movement is ok models. Morbidly obese is not good for anyone. It starts with what is inside the soul-deep in the mind too.

Tess Holliday, also known as Tess Munster, first tried to break into the industry at the tender age of 15. After being told she was “too short and too big” to be a model, she set her dreams aside and started a family. She is morbidly obese and has managed to become very famous for it.

I am all for models of diversity. Tess represents so many obese women from Australia and America it’s a massive problem junk eating. Young women love her because they don’t have to deal with the fat demons deep within their souls. Being this fat is physically and mentally abusive to the body. Equally is you are anorexic. The same rules of abuse apply.

Tess has been named one of the top plus-size models in the world by Vogue Italia and became the largest plus-size model to be signed to a mainstream modelling agency, Milk Model Management.  This is a wonderful publicity marketing stunt because obesity is a huge part of our youth society now. Money has to be made through obese women like here on Tik Tok. Fashion brands just need to sell clothes, they don’t care about the mental or physicals state of women’s health, including Vogue.


Black Life Matters

When people talk about Black female models, they immediately think of the greats: Tyra Banks, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Campbell. How could they not? There is no denying these women paved the way for so many Black women and girls. Who is Liris Crosse?  Who has accomplished plenty in the industry?

Black women are generally huge. Poor education, poor diet, poor mental state of mind. So these white ladies above are not good role models for black life matters. Beyonce is a gorgeous role model of the black body type.

But she is far from fat. How do these women identify with tough glamour? Who in Hollywood is representing being fat and black?

Octavia Spencer is a fabulous actress with obesity size issues. But is she right for young black women?


 Lashana Lynch

But who to embrace tough glamour than  Lashana Lynch. The black ninja who is the first-ever oo7 woman in James Bond, No Time To Die. They had to embrace exactly this image of black stuntwomen in action movies now. Had to address that James Bond is not going to be a woman. She represents the African body we all use too.  Not fat but large thighs, protruding perfectly formed butt. A great role model for up and coming black women of today.

Will the next James Bond be black?

As she prepares to star in the 25th Bond film, the actress is on a mission to use her voice for good and represent her race and sex with pride. This Jamaican lady tells it like it is.

Sadly she has no charisma in the movie due to the fact she simply has no ninja skills. She does not move at all in the movie like I would expect a ninja to. All she does is with clever editing, shoot people. What a missed opportunity here.


For me, the two action films that got it right representing women who had roles specifically made for them. Representing tough glamour.

Unlike Gal Gadot, who studied martial arts all her life. It was the reason she was cast. And she does her own action scenes, it’s beautiful to watch.


Matrix Trinity

Was Wonder Woman and Trinity in the Matrix. We just need to create a black female character for a dedicated action movie. This me feeling low and depressed way back in 2016. So I decided to run around in the dark and create my own Trinity movie. If nothing else as a young mum I felt brilliant afterwards.

Trinity Matrix look alike

This is what I define as Tough Glamour as a mum.

Positive Changes Is Slow

Tough glamour in this pandemic is all about confronting mental health issues. Lockdown has increased weight within us all. Our challenges of how to handle being bored. How to reinvent ourselves regarding loss of work, jobs and not being able to socialise.

I love wearing leather jackets, dresses as if I am Trinity in the Matrix. The reason I do its part of me living life in a tough world where everything slim, white and body perfect is still strong in the world of fashion. Just take a look at the runways of 2021 in Italy like Dolce & Gabbana, where they are embracing women over fifty. The same models of the 1990s.  Do you see any fat women?


This is No Time To Die but dress up in your own definition of Tough glamour. Your life and mental status depend on it!