June isn’t the only ideal month to get married. Weddings are beautiful no matter the time of year. In fact, there are now so many couples who are opting to get married during the fall season.

It’s easy to see why. Autumn is cold enough for one to experience more comfort compared to the heat brought by the summer months but not as freezing as winter. The scenery is warm and cozy, too, often providing the perfect natural setting for couples who want to steer away from the usual bright, summery weddings. It may seem challenging to choose a theme for your big day, but if the event will take place in autumn, the season itself can be your theme.

If you’re going to have an autumn wedding, you’re going to want to think of warm colors, rustic hues, and similar details that would complement that lovely season of the year. You can start with the following tips on how to decorate for an autumn wedding:

Embrace The Natural Foliage

If what you’re after is an outdoor wedding, you can make the most of the beauty of autumn by embracing the natural foliage. Now’s the best time to go for open gardens with majestic views of the mountains or perhaps even a forest. Take advantage of the natural surroundings and play around with the warm hues that come with autumn. Not only will these be amazing in person, but they’ll register well in photos, too.

You can embrace autumn even more by using colorful leaves and flowers for your wedding that only bloom during this season for the details of your wedding. Think wedding flowers for the entourage, your bridal bouquet, and table centrepieces, among many others. You can even have seasonal foliage on the wedding arch that serves as the entryway to your wedding venue, or you can use it for the ceremony backdrop where you and your partner will exchange vows.

Look For Sunflower Fields

Sunflower fields are also quite common during the autumn season. If you know of a place nearby where there’s a sunflower field, don’t hesitate to take advantage of that opportunity. You don’t even have to decorate that much anymore when you have a field of sunflowers as your setting.

You can choose to hold the wedding ceremony itself, the reception, or both with the sunflower field as the backdrop. Your prenuptial photo shoot can also take place there.

Host An Outdoor Reception

You can’t make the most of your autumn wedding if you don’t host an outdoor reception. There’s no better time to choose a rustic and vintage vibe for your special day than in autumn. Bring out some string lights, wooden tables, and wooden chairs, and look for a location with a mountain, garden, or forest view. When you put up the string lights, you can alternate them with hanging foliage to add more dimension and exquisite appeal to your wedding venue.

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Set The Tone Through Your Wedding Invites

Before your guests even make it to the ceremony and reception, there’s an important item that’ll set the tone for your autumn wedding: the wedding invitation. So it follows that while you’re figuring out what your wedding decorations should be, you have to make sure that the wedding invitation is coherent with the types of décor you go with.

The color palette of your wedding invitation should be the same as what you’ll have for your wedding day. You can opt for warm earth tones like burgundy, dark green, or dark brown. When incorporated into your wedding décor, such hues make for impeccable autumn aesthetic.

Create A Fall Ceremony Sign

Surely you’re going to want to have a few signs in your wedding venue that would guide your guests to the right area. You can make your signs suitable for the autumn season by using wood for all of them. Find some wooden pallets you can repurpose, use a paint color that would be visible against the wood to create the signs, and finish off each of them with seasonal blooms.

Transforming your reception and wedding venues to be appropriate for the season is all about adding little details with that autumnal vibe you’re after.

Final Thoughts

There’s just something extremely magical about the beauty of nature during the autumn season. You’ll find not only changing colors and falling leaves but also a lot more alfresco options for that perfect outdoor wedding. And the best thing about fall nuptials is that you don’t have to go all out with the decorations as nature will provide those for you.

So if you’ve long been on the fence about whether or not you should say ‘I do’ in autumn, you can take this article as a sign to go for it. With the decorating tips above, you can make your wedding as spectacular as Mother Nature herself during the most picturesque season of the entire year.

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