You have been in lockdown for almost two months. How do you not get yourself in despair during a lockdown? How can fashion be your sense of mental support?

Have you ever been to Japan? How can a Japanese Kimono help your mental state of mind during weeks of staying home?  Are you finding that staying at home is boring! Kimono fashion is a solution to lighten up your lockdown days!

What impact can a Kimono have towards your loved ones by you wearing it at home?

Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

Looking nice at home is good for your mental health.

The Kimono

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, and the national dress of Japan. It is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment and is worn left over right. It is usually worn with an obi belt, alongside a number of other accessories, such as zōri shoes and tabi socks. A kimono has a soft, full-width collar.

Obi (帯, おび) Japanese word for a sash and used for traditional Japanese dress, keikogi (uniforms for Japanese martial arts), and part of kimono outfits.

Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

Why are kimonos So Expensive?

The biggest reason for the relatively high cost of even the most casual kimonos is: they cannot be mass-produced effectively. In times like a pandemic where unemployment is the worse in history.
Would you not agree that owning quality clothing items, wearing something niche. Is all about durability, wellness for the mind, and a positive move into buying less fashion and saving money?
Being locked up are you not seeking clothes that when worn make you appreciate the value of hand-stitched clothing?
An average wool kimono costs around $240, one of cotton is about $40. Kimono feels very comfortable and looks beautiful in your home.
Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

Kimono Prints

Our new life right now is staying inside.  What you wear can impact your state of mind.  The prints used with Kimono’s are inspired by nature and mainly floral fabrics.

The colours are very rich and powerful messages from those observing them.

Would you agree that when you are looking at someone wearing a Kimono? Your mental state is like walking around an art gallery. It elevates your mind and impacts your creativity. This is so important during a pandemic and where we are confined in our own homes.

“It’s going to be a little odd,” won’t you agree?

“wandering around in public wearing nothing but a face mask”.

Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

This style is certainly a fabric worn for an opulent lifestyle way of life.

Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

For those living in concrete cities and small flats right now, owning a kimono is as close to nature and healing for you right now.

Silk, inevitably, is more expensive, costing about $245 for a kimono’s worth of machine-printed fabric for everyday wear and around $800 for an average formal kimono.

What we do know is that our socially-distanced economy continues to crater, ruining lives: the financial impact of this pandemic is hugely greater than any of the 20th-century viruses, thanks to the lockdown and the changing nature of our economy and society.
Wearing a kimono is a reminder of precious fashion items that need to be appreciated and worn when you are feeling so sad, lonely and very afraid of a future unknown.

Fabric Trends During Covid 19

Another consensus appears to be emerging that, once unlocked? On average it is looking like 3mths staying inside is the new norm. Therefore you are going to want fresh air, wide-open spaces, and nature as pristine as possible somewhere?

But until that time comes, where you are allowed outside?  You being immersed in nature where you can “ heal and dream of better days”, is far, far away for most of us at present.

Wearing an expensive Kimono is something you have control of right now.

For those living in concrete cities and small flats right now, owning a kimono is as close to nature and healing for you right now.

Covid 19 Victory Red Lipstick

This colour lipstick will rock with any Kimono.

Kimono - Luxury Stay Home Fashion Trends

What Do You Wear Under A kimono?

When wearing a kimono, you are expected to wear a “hadajuban” and “koshimaki” directly on your naked skin (the “juban” comes over those). Traditionally, you don’t wear panties. Not an issue at home! Nice way to spice up your sex life too.

Or try linen flowing items.

The “New Normal” After-Covid (AC)

The “New Normal” After-Covid (AC) will be a grimmer, more cautious, less optimistic and poorer world; it will be at once more collectivist, with the state on a quasi-permanent state of “wartime” alert, a paternalistic public health and mask-wearing culture, and more data-sharing.

AC life is also more individualistic, as people and families YOU strive to increase YOUR sphere of autonomy to protect oneself from the outside world.

Fashion as You and I  know it has always stood the test of time during the war.

What is certain is that the last few years BC was a golden age and yet, foolishly, we never realised how good we had it.

I just want to add at the end: Planning to visit Japan or Tokyo?

Made In Italy

This kimono is fantastic it can be worn reversible and upside down to give a more Dior collar vibe. The silk and denim green fabric was stunning.

Made In Italy Kimono