In 2021, a 50-year-old woman can celebrate the Christmas season in an edgy way reminiscent of the ’80s. However, she can also celebrate Christmas in a cute and stylish way, such as dressing up in everything bling, sequins and plenty of colour. Check out my vintage section for more inspiring fashion tips.

Vintage Permission

At 50 I am all about vintage finds, wearing clothing that seeks headlines. I am the fashion tip for Generation Z. Whilst in Amsterdam I noticed many young students really seeking out genuine vintage items. One can be so personal in their style if they hunt for second-hand clothing.

How To Dress In An Edgy, Mature Way For The Christmas Season

I have been decluttering my wardrobe by selling on a luxury platform called Vestiaire. It’s hard to fathom that I am an older woman at 50. I certainly don’t feel or act like it. I have sold nearly all of my high heels as they don’t suit my lifestyle. I am rarely influenced by the fashion industry as it’s become so cliche and flooded thanks to fast fashion like Zara.

Retro Christmas Fashion Ideas For Women In Their 50s 

Going Back To The ’80s With Your Christmas Fashion

Glamour is all about what I choose to wear during the month of December. It’s all about wearing a red sweater and victory red lipstick. Plenty of sequins and a piece of clothing of many reminders of me when I grew up in the eighties. My passion for high-street looks is why I am all about wearing everything vintage.

Retro Christmas Fashion Ideas For Women In Their 50s 


Men’s shirts with oversize sleeves are such a hit for me at 50. I like to team them with freshwater pearls. Lioness massive belts and silk undergarments. Get the Audrey Hepburn to look.

Shirt dress Audrey Hepburn sleepwear (2)

The Capsule 80’s Wardrobe

It’s all about a floral cardigan. Mini skirts with mesh stockings, like Madonna. Oversized sunglasses. Opting for a burgundy wool jumper. Plenty of tank tops with a great pair of shoes. With a little black dress teamed with a leather rock jacket. Now it’s the holiday party scene I have to always be wearing a red sweater.

Retro Christmas Fashion Ideas For Women In Their 50s 

Oversized Belts

Darker colors age me. So I opt for massive statement accessories such as a belt.

Women In Their 50s Can Look Edgy As Well As Cute With Their Fashion

At 50 I am opting for everything that is of bright color. That gets me into the party season mood. Comfort fashion is at the forefront of my existing wardrobe. With an ensemble lace dress. Plenty of layering with eccentric tr8immings  for any kind of party.

Women Over 50 Still Looking Gorgeous Makes Us All Feel Better About Ourselves

I am very confident with what I wear when it comes to Swarovski crystal jewellery at fifty. Oversized earings and everything gold Versace. I dictate the latest trends and mix and match what the high-street runway is commanding. I am impactful for many mothers who need to bring glamour back into their homes and lives.

Retro Christmas Fashion Ideas For Women In Their 50s 

I am always commanding a red velvet blazer.

Today’s post on fashion is so flooded with the same outfits. My recommendations are all about second-hand clothing and rare vintage outfits. When it comes to a wow factor I like to wear my purple and gold suede boots.