Recent estimates suggest that as much as 40 per cent of Americans over the age of 65 have at least one chronic medical condition. Learn how you can help your loved ones lead healthier lives. I have visited America many times and I know how a busy mom can result in mood swings.

Here are practical tips to avoid ill health over sixty.


I am fifty.

Care For Your Own Health

As mum’s, we are forever sacrificing when it comes to gifting ourselves time, fashion, and wellness treats. Since 2011, I have inspired women that #mumscandoluxury and not feel guilty for it. It’s the guilt of traditionalism of what society judges us on being good mothers.

Mother’s day for us mums is every day. 

Before the day begins meditation on getting rid of pasts issues is a perfect way to avoid illness

I am a mother of two that chose three years ago to leave the dated education system for my girls aged now 13 and 11. I have been homeschooling them as best as I can.

I found school hard very hard. I was bullied and struggled to learn. The simple reason I was taught on a fear inputting basis.

No one can learn under the ethos of FEAR. 

I failed most exams throughout my education and was bullied for being Italian in rural Australia. I was an oddball never accepted as a child.

The bitter root of unforgiveness is anger. So embrace healthy habits and create your own wellness travel within your daily routine.

Know Your Family’s Medical Problems

My family history, is fear, depression, diabetics and eyesight problems. So make sure your lifestyle protects you from generational habits. Change the habits with useful kits.

Pampering One’s Dreams

As I have marketed and supported so many luxury, hotel, car and fashion brands. 2021, is about fulfilling my collection.

I just created my own GO red hiking boot collection. It is one of my passions to support artisans in Italy. I did this in 100% full lockdown in Italy. Gracie Opulanza GO red hiking boots 2021 Made In Italy (2)

It’s a celebration for me to have this opportunity and feel like I am a winner. By creating a stylish hiking boot I can even walk in New York City.


Gift Ideas

Mother’s day gifts can be thought of already well and truly ahead. Choosing practical de0stress items mum’s and a best friend can need and use. Is good use of cash. Creating innovations by using my resource is why the Go Red hiking boot was made.

Niches Think “Wellness”

Luxury beauty brands are word 500 billion. So create de-stress items for a mum’s immune system or vitamins is an overall health way to make cash. An active lifestyle is a perfect supplement for any working mother.

Create your own Gwyneth Paltrow juices for a healthier life especially for new moms.

Home Schooling

I thank God that due to owning my own businesses since 2003 I have been self-sufficient. It’s a miracle to reflect that even during the pandemic all the cash that has allowed me to pursue my dreams, my travel adventures and building the brands like my blog and has been with my cash.

No furlough, benefits, government money or even medical system has supported me during the last 20years of business.

My second daughter does not cope with the traditional chalk and talk way of teaching. Coming from school, she was always in tears, frustrated and knew she was way behind her peers. I know this feeling and hence why I decided to homeschool by travelling the world.

Her teachers even said, she would amount to not much at her rate of learning.

I was told this too by many teaches as a child. I have done so much compared to friends who are so much more academically capable.

Homeschooling is tough. Team up with other mum’s that are doing it. Share each other’s skillsets. Don’t feel guilty for the days when you don’t home school at all.

Kids learn from you as a mum. An unhappy, frustrated mum is what my girls have seen. But they have also witnessed the art of not giving up and fighting for what I want.

My girls have learnt the world of luxury living and also what it takes to get it. They have also discovered what happens when failure stares you in the face.

It’s life lessons they need to master. That is never give up and persist.

Advertisement for the best life now is the best gift a mom can give to herself.


I own a man’s magazine! How many women can say that? It’s because I think outside the box. In 2011, women’s blogs were already saturated so to get noticed at the age of forty was tough then. Six months later I began

MenStyleFashion is my passion and dream. This magazine has opened so many doors for me in the world of luxury. I have been reviewing luxury cars since 2015.

I just reviewed in Holland another electric car, called Jaguar IPACE.

Women are terrified of the world of electric cars and range anxiety. As a mum, I have the influence to show ladies to confront that range anxiety and have a go.


Better health is also about an active life and an excellent way to fulfil personal dreams.


From Asia, New York, Australia and Europe my girls have travelled from an early age. I have been so criticised for it as a mum. My friends and family just can’t fathom how I have gone against tradition and educated my children through travel.

So when Covid 19 hit. I made an even more aggressive life-changing decision. I left a very rich and comfortable lifestyle to pursue my Italian passion.

Everyone thought I was crazy. You want to fulfil dreams, you gotta sacrifice your existing lifestyle.

I followed my gut and went to the nation of olive tree growing. I ended up living in Venice and Tuscany for the last 18mth. The best time of my life learning so much and seeing beautiful palazzo’s, museums and meeting new people.

I made this happen by ceasing a small window of opportunities. Don’t beat yourself up for missing out on opportunities it’s never too late.

Iris Apfel at one hundred years old and has teamed up for eyewear collaboration with H&M

I have lived in Europe and the UK since 1997 but never lived the Tuscany lifestyle. I certainly did during this pandemic.

Fiat Balilla Gracie Opulanza Tuscany Italy classic car (9)

Me driving a classical Fiat car in Tuscany. I created this event to happen for my mental health. I was in lockdown many times in Tuscany. I was going insane not doing anything physical to continue to grow my brands.

No lockdown got in the way of me creating my own dreams.

Architecture Work To Avoid Disease

Architecture for me is a bonus when I am sick of drinking alcohol or eating so many vegetables. The key ingredients to everyday life are reflecting on the past year and delete what made you overweight, and depressed. After a yoga session if you can create your own gym place within your home.

I have a trampoline and a treadmill so I can access them any time of the day. When I am unhappy I eat.

No Time To Die A Shattered Dream

I could not live the mountain life of the Pyrenees anymore.  After ten years, it was killing my passion for life, destroying my creativity.

Mother’s make a stand on pursuing your passion or you will die a slow death.

That includes geographically moving to be able to fulfil a fruitful life.

How is it in 2021 I am still talking to women mainly mothers that they hold themselves to the traditional way of motherhood of 25years ago? Why do we hold onto the traditional way of being a mum and feel very guilty when we start giving back to ourselves?

I am a terrible mum when I give to my kids and husband fully. Stating at home all the time. It’s not my type three personality. Happy wife and mum, happy family.

I am a Leo, it’s all about me. It’s who I have always been and criticised for it as a child. I don’t care!

Geographically illness – Is Where You Live Making You Sick?

Giving time to yourself as a mum is not selfish. It’s living a fulfilling life.

Mental Health

Depression amongst frustrated mothers can be resolved. Like me, I had to make the changes to fulfil my passion and dreams. Otherwise, I know I would have ended up deflated, eating a lot, depressed and damn right angry at life itself.

Mother’s are always frustrated of the sacrifices we make.

So make that mental conscious change and act upon it. In 2011, I was very ill for months after a caesarian. It was then my creative outlet came at the forefront of healing. I acted upon it, started a blog with no plan and ten years on.

Please click on the link to see my professional services and what I achieved from a secluded mountain top with no experience at all.

Don’t like your current job, home or where you live, then change it.

Just Do It

If I did not just do it, I am confident I would have encountered an early death. I thank God, he gave me the courage to go for it. Keeping in mind the lack of support from my husband, family and friends at the beginning.

It’s my blogs that are paying my lifestyle and bills in 2021.

Imagine if I had given up halfway through?

Venice Gucci eyewear

On Rialto bridge in July 2021, thanks to my blogs I am a working stay home and travel mum.

Separate Bank Accounts

Don’t fall for the tradition that your loved one will support you forever. So many women in their fifties get screwed over by husbands. Who has controlled the bank account and cash?

When it comes to fighting and filing for divorce, the men always win due to being able to pay for good lawyers.

If your loved one respects you, get a separate bank account and be paid as a stay at home mum.

This adds value to you as a sacrificing mum. Also if he does choose to leave you, most men do at fifty you are financially secure.

I am still married by the way.

Fifty – How To Celebrate Half A Century Lifestyle Tips

Embrace turning fifty and make sure you give to yourself a gift of any sort. Me at The WAmsterdam celebrating being fifty. I reviewed ten hotels for my fifth birthday.  During Covid 19 I did very few hotel reviews, I had to save my business from falling. Hence my birthday gift was getting back into the journalism game.

Listen To Your Heart

I turned fifty this year and I am listening to my heart on a business front and as a travelling mum. I got made to believe that big decisions in the home belonged to my husband. I chose to not get involved and for this reason, I am in a situation of ending up in a place I don’t want to be.

I have great skills in coping in places I don’t like to be. It’s this survival mentality of why I end up getting what I want on all levels.

I have the cash, confidence, self-belief and courage to redirect my steering wheel.

I am not getting younger and life is short. Don’t allow age to stop you from pursuing your passions.

I have travelled the world so many times, a few successes and failures in business choices is why I can truly say.

I have lived a life as a mum like no other.


Why do we women and mother’s neglect our nails, hair, weight and even how we dress? Why don’t we go out and wine and dine on our own? It’s so important to give an hour a day of stillness to oneself.

Book in that time and be ruthless. No kids or interruptions. 

Pamper yourself with a body scrub, massage, manicure and pedicure. Eat that cake and do that new course. Mother’s life is short and you don’t have to have lots of cash to create wellness within your home. Buy, borrow swap things with other mum’s and gift yourself those flowers or fragrances and laugh.

I reviewed a penthouse in Amsterdam called Kimpton De Vitt this July.

terrace kimptondewitt-amsterdam.jpg-sun

My eleven-year-old daughter is being taught how to work the luxury lifestyle business. That is part of her homeschooling. Learning to meet new people along the way.

Force to Smile and Dance

I use to dance so much. Not sure why I stopped? Dancing and jumping on a trampoline is great for lymph drainage, toning up and getting rid of muscle tension.

Me in Venice in July 2021 doing hotel reviews. I did it way before Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren turned up for the Venice Film Festival.  Dress up pamper yourself and book yourself a luxury hotel stay, with no one but yourself.

Read how you can get the Dolce & Gabbana look.

fresco ca sagredo venice palazzo hotel

If your hotel has staircases like this do a photoshoot and dance.

Drive A Luxury Car

I have driven many luxury car’s. Book in a Rolls Royce you will love it. My daughters often share my experiences and stress of driving expensive cars. The car’s that men make us believe we can’t drive, is why I say ladies you can do it.

Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV MenStyleFashion 2019 Artic White United Kingdom (1)