Stress Relief

You would think when you are presented with a six week break around Europe’s finest areas, Holland and the South of France you would jump at the opportunity. My first reaction was simply, I am not going. I had a crazy 2013: two car accidents, broken nose and a house fire. In a space of 4 weeks, everything was lost and damaged. During that time I was and still am in the process of building a dream. So I am my own boss and working every waking hour. I also have family responsibilities and I live in a country that speaks three languages. I am a communicator and struggling to grasp a language, let alone three at the same time. The truth be-known I am lazy at it.
So 2014 summer was a good time to chill and relax, a time to reflect on the last year and how I handled it. So why has it taken me almost 5 weeks to chill and relax without feeling guilty and like I am missing out on everything regarding my work?

Gracie’s Character

I am an impulsive character and patience is not in the forte let alone in my vocab. My way of thinking is that most of the time I think I am missing out on opportunities. Live each day as if it’s your last comes to mind. When I give it my all, my gosh, you’d better be fit mentally and physically if you want to keep up with me. I can be somewhat rude and straight to the point and offend when giving out my opinion. I like to stand out and dress well and make sure I am getting noticed. Most of the time I feel I am misunderstood and therefore it frustrates me.
I can build a person up in confidence, but when I am exhausted, I can kill all my hard work in minutes. However, I am quick to notice my weaknesses and make sure I reprogram my behaviour and thinking. I am creative and adore to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and building my brands. Most of the time I am thinking, is it all worth it?

Frustrated and Can’t Relax

This has been me most of my life. I find it hard to relax and enjoy each day as it comes. During these five weeks, it has been a roller-coaster of emotions. But I believe there are times in your year that it’s important to take the time to switch off, reflect, relax and chill. For me I had to fight to relax and in some cases fighting with everyone to stop telling me to relax. So I had to make sure that every day I would try and do different activities and analyse what on earth is important to me. Why I am building a dream and for what gain? Who have I become during the process of building a brand and seeing my dream unfold?

In most cases, looking at all the things I should have done things differently. Reflecting on all the people I have impacted positively and reflecting on those experiences I would choose not to do again. More so where do I go from here?

Creativity Comes In The Most Unlikely Ways

I grew up in rural Australia mainly on a farm, nothing too inspiring for me. It was far from fashion and it was not good for my love of anything historical. So these are the main reasons I have chosen to live in Europe. I adore its natural beauty but more so the architecture of what it has to offer. The fashion, food and cultural experiences are privileges I’ve had the last 20 years. My background is Italian and those roots and DNA are naturally with me. I love everything opulent and grand.

For me this trip has opened my eyes to who I am and not to forget that. To be inspired by visual things I see. That is how I learn and it’s important you understand how you learn. Has this trip been good for me? Will it help me to continue to grow my brands differently? Has it made me appreciate family more? Where does one go from here?
The journey is always more important than the end result. It’s in the waiting and how you react to people that will make or break you.


Literally have this on every holiday, under your pillow, in your car and if you have to lay in a field of lavender, it will relax you and eventually bring you to a slow stop. I still struggle everyday to chill and relax on holidays but for me it’s a mental choice.
For now I am keen to see what ideas have come to me just by fighting to be chilled and relaxed when back at work.