Over the last few weeks I have had the magnificent privilege to tour around the South of France. The following images are my take on what I will now call France for 2014. You see, there are so many write ups about the nation, I thought I would give you a truthful update of what I love about France today regarding Art, Architecture, Cuisine & Fashion. France is full of vineyards and charming villages, and the countryside is also home to many castles and museums.


I am a sucker for cakes and anything citron. So when touring about looking for those little hide away bakeries and the word Patisserie. My favourite is of course, the tarte aux citron. I also tried the lavender tart and it is certainly worth a try. Another favourite of mine are the little shops that sell biscuits and biscuit tins, they are so worth exploring. Whatever ends up on your lips will end up on your hips though.


Based all over Europe, this cosmetic shop which originates from the Provence region, has some amazing products. Below are my top choices.


I visited Montpelier, Nimes, Avignon, Pont du Gard and hung around the Provence for vineyards and lavender. The Colosseums, cathedrals and aqueducts are a sure thing that the Romans loved France. We are so grateful to them for creating some awesome architecture.


In 2014 there are so many huge brands, that I love exploring little boutiques. It’s fun because in the most unlikely places you will find Haute Couture treasures. The fabulous thing is in every boutique I entered, I was always greeted with Bonjour. So the myth of the French not being friendly is so old school and not true at all.


Like everything these days, it’s a hit and miss. So just look at someone else’s dish before ordering and sitting down, it’s a perfect way to see if it’s a good restaurant or not. As for coffee, sorry, but the French have and never will be good at it. I have been to France many times, so go for an espresso, you can’t go wrong there.


It’s in their DNA for sure and again art is personal so try not to get caught up in to the tourist trap of things. My best art work was found in the smallest places and villages. If you like it then buy it.

The Language

Unless you’re in the big cities then it’s great to embrace it. For me it is one of the most sexy languages out there. Google translate works most of the time. With internet access there is no excuse. Merci