LUSH Cosmetics

For those who don’t live on planet earth this company has grasped the ethics of smell and skin adoration, I am talking about LUSH Cosmetics. In a nutshell it’s handmade products that look like food but is all about soap couture for your skin, hair and eyes. Now if you are blind and deaf it does not matter because this shop is all about the smell and touch. The moment you step into the door the smell just hits you. I love to watch the people’s reactions when they first step into the store. They somewhat seem a little intimidated.

However the staff are always friendly and the great thing about this brand is you can literally play and try before you buy. For me it’s why I think this store is just a hit on many levels.

My Favorite Products

Massage Bar

My favourite section has to be the massage section. Have you ever placed these soap bars on your body. Well that’s the whole idea. They smell lovely and leave your skin so of moisture. They are perfect after a day out in the sun. Just slap it on during the day and leave it on your skin after a long hard day at the beach, your skin will always look and feel well loved.

Tint Bar Section

My first tint bar I like is called Black Stocking and perfect for olive skin types like myself. The result  just completes that shimmer glow my skin just needs. It’s also a perfect after a hot day in the sun. It is great skin therapy, especially for me being an Ozzie. Us Australians are under constant attack from those harmful sun rays.

The other tint bar I like is called the Shimmer Bar, it is just bliss. It literally makes your skin shimmer and sparkle. When I go out dancing I make sure I overdo it on application. The result is the men and the women just can’t help admiring my skin because it shimmers so much especially at night and in the dark. Perfect if you lose your mates along the way. Some nights it’s such a crowd puller people  literally are rubbing themselves against my back. Great for picking up new friends.

LUSH Cosmetics - Soap Products for LUSH skin (5)

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is for those days where you want your eye to get attention. I use green and gold, yep Ozzie colors, but I don’t apply them together. But as you know for me when interviewing, the men just love the glitter on my eyelids. It’s a perfect ice-breaker for those that feel a tad nervous.