It is the 6th day for London Lifestyle and Fashion Week and I am being hosted by my good friends Jumeirah Group. I have just returned from celebrity interviews and a mammoth luxury tour, of sun, surf and Bali. Having olive skin and being tanned I decided through out the catwalks, I was continuing to trend wearing the no makeup. Well on this occasion no foundation. The Peak Health Club at Jumeirah Carlton Tower has to be one of the most spectacular gym views in London. It is a place where luxury meets health trends and in today’s world where time is precious it only makes sense that we are all seeking technology with fast results. So the Hydrafacial is the non – conventional facial technology trending for 2016.



the-peak-health-club-juneirah-carlton-towers-knightsbridge-menstylefashion-sloane-square-2 the-peak-health-club-juneirah-carlton-towers-knightsbridge-menstylefashion-6

First, a HydraFacial isn’t like a traditional facial. This technology is all done by a machine, its purpose is about deep cleaning to diffusing serums into my skin. Also, HydraFacials are a supplement to the facials we are use too.

The Procedure

The procedure takes about a 45 minutes, so it can definitely be a treatment if you have an hour to spare plus travel time. I have been told that some clients may experience redness, so for your first treatment it’s better to come when you don’t have any post-facial obligations. Some people may also notice that their skin will be sensitive to the sun after the HydraFacial, so be sure to apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, which I have been doing since the age of 18 years and it has paid off. Depending on skin type, for some clients to see full results, a series of three weekly HydraFacials is recommended, with monthly appointments thereafter.  But in my case because I have such good skin, so I was told. My face was left with such a glow, it was perfect for my FIAT 124 Spider review the next day.

the-peak-health-club-jumeirah-carlton-towers-hydrafacial-gracie-opulanza-1 the-peak-health-club-jumeirah-carlton-towers-hydrafacial-gracie-opulanza-2

I explained to the therapist that I find facials very relaxing, I was hit then by a dead silence. Then to be told that there is nothing relaxing about this treatment. However, all I felt was a little suction on my face and the coolness of the tool. It was explained to me that the sensation is comparable to microdermabrasion, which I’ve not had yet.

Four Step Treatment

The treatment consists of four steps, and an optional Vortex-Boost serum:

Step 1: Exfoliation

The Activ-4 serum sweeps away dead skin cells and makeup debris, revealing healthy skin.

Step 2: Acid Peel

I had no redness, peeling, or flakiness post-facial and was intrigued to see how this part of the treatment felt. This glycolic/salicylic acid peel tingled a lot and certainly woke me up. But I was reassured that this was normal.

Step 3: Extraction

Those standard facial extractions leave me awkwardly mouth-breathing and teary-eyed as an aesthetician seems to endlessly stab at my nose. I have a big nose. However, here, all I felt was a slight sucking sensation while my pores were de-clogged. I found it very therapeutic and the results were a pristine clean nose. I am definitely not wearing foundation after this treatment.

Optional Step: Vortex-Boost Serum

After the extraction you can add a Vortex-Boost serum, which includes “DermaBuilder” (for fine lines, skin tone evenness and texture), “CTGF/Connective Tissue Growth Factor” (for fine lines and wrinkles), or “Britenol” (for brightness and to diminish the appearance of dark spots and discoloration).  I did the Anti Aging because it is certainly where I am at in my life. Trying to maintain my youthfulness.

Step 4: Serum

The vortex-fusion tool infuses an “Antiox+ serum” into the skin. Rich with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, Antiox+ reduces the production of melanin, which prevents the appearance of brown spots and discoloration, instantly firms and tightens, deeply hydrates, and promotes collagen and elastin production. The results were instant for me and I came out having a real buzz because my skin was woken up and my skin looked liked icing on a cake, picture perfect.



I come from an Italian background and I am blessed with fabulous skin. So when it was all done the results were facial fabulous. Being surrounded by female models this was a confident booster I needed.  So I celebrated with some of the best macaroon’s I’ve ever tasted, over looking Sloane Square on my balcony. Welcome to the world of luxury, it is all up to you how you define it.


My Life My Time My Skin.