Back in May, I was asked to explore the world of Bentley. It was very intriguing to see the world of luxury cars being built. Now I am all about creating moments that are unforgettable. I couldn’t help noticing the painstaking work that goes into how they use the leather for their logo. Even though it is done by a machine, I was so taken by it. The lady gave me a piece to take home. I showed the designer Natasha the exclusive leather logo given to me. Instantly, Nat just came up with an idea. This is what I love about the world of lifestyle and design. When you’re given an iconic momentum or memorabilia from a brand such as Bentley. Then for me, this is an opportunity to create your own classy souvenir.

Bentley Factory Tour Crewe

Bentley Factory Tour Crewe


Bentley Swarovski Leather Bracelet

I wanted to showcase the logo in a way that also represents my style. I am a lover of Swarovski crystals, so it made only sense that we mix the two iconic brands together. The leather piece was flown to Hong Kong, designed by Nat and handcrafted by Nat’s team, then shipped to me. For me, this is what I am all about. Bringing brands together and creating a one-off piece exclusive to me, and a  reminder of my special days with Bentley in Crewe. I am at a stage that less is more and in such a saturated market of fashion and goods. For me, I want to inspire you to bring items that represent your soul.

Let me inspire you too, that there are many opportunities for you to allow your designs to be showcased through other peoples talents. This is a one-off piece exclusive to me and that feeling is priceless.

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