It was the final day of our London Lifestyle & Fashion Week. At the last minute, Fiat for the first time asked me to come and review the 124 Spider. I come from an Italian background and I have never ever driven a Fiat. I have a lot of Italian friends and family that have explained to me their love and hate relationship with this company. Fiat historically has been known to create cars which look the part, are stylish and sell the lifestyle. As a brand, they have always soared alone like an eagle. In driving the 124 Spider Lusso, on my own. I too felt I was flying and everything around me was just prop’s.

Pietro Carminati is product manager fro FIAT 124 Spider. In his owns words,  “it’s all about having fun”

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124 Spider

In the nighties I drove the Mazda MX-5, it was a car all about being seen and having fun. So when I first saw the Fiat 124 Spider my thoughts went into memory overdrive. In talking to the Fiat team, they certainly don’t shy away that this 124 Spider is certainly a take on the Mazda and they have made it into their our Italian performing machine and style. For future buyers this car is about being seen and turning heads and is a surprisingly affordable luxury.

But what is is about this convertible that separates itself from the pack? What is it’s target market and how does it perform on the road, well in my case off the road. Read the rest of my review as I take 124 spider for a spin and a photo shoot in the Welsh mountains.


Harvey Dent Shirt



Swarvoski denim onesie and Denim bag from Bali

Lifestyle & Fashion Week

I am pioneering a concept that works with my personality, showing designer collections in luxury lifestyle situations. I have just been to London Fashion Week and I have concluded for sometime that designers should look more into social media marketing options to get their collections into certain lifestyle options. I grew up in rural Australia, where cars were driven on our farm. Family photos were taken in the fields showcasing our love for fashion, vintage cars and of course the Italian cuisine. So today I have decided after twenty years to reflect on my up bringing and showcase that in 2016.

I chose a Burberry vintage jacket that was made in Italy a few years back, the colour certainly is iconic to any Italian wardrobe. So just like Burberry that has come back to its historical roots in Britain I thought it seemed fit that I supported Fiat by bringing the 124 Spider to Britain. When driving a convertible a nice vintage hat piece by Armani is a perfect example of blending stylish brands together.


Burberry Vintage jacket made in Italy

Burberry Vintage jacket made in Italy

Leather boots made in Italy

Leather boots made in Italy

124 Spider How Does It Perform

When I sat in this convertible, I instantly loved its simplicity. I can connect up my iPhone and play I Solo Mio> I have electric windows and simple functional buttons for air conditioning. Making a sports car simple is one of the clever things of this car. Not too many electronic gadgets that can be a distraction. GPS was very simple and easy to use, even though it had a mind of its own, taking me to gorgeous scenes around Chester and the north coast of Wales.

I drove the car for three and half hours non stop and I mean non stop. Time was limited and I wanted to see how it performed. When I began, I stalled it so many times and that is what I loved about the 124 Spider, it is a car that gives you the driving experience, riding the clutch, spinning wheels when your intentions was not too. I was turning heads in Conwy, a walled market town and community, when I braked too hard and came to a sudden halt. It was a car you that I had to get use to, but that was part of the fun.

For me as a first time driver of this 1.4 engine, it felt powerful enough to get this car into a sporty mode. For me it is also a perfect city car that will turns head. The colour I opted for was passion red and boy did this car have a lot of passion going for it. The windy roads was where I was curious to see how it would perform around the corners. Once again I loved the very smooth drive, very easy and very solid on the ground. I find in some sporty convertibles a slight turn of the steering wheel can result in out of control moments. But with the 124 Spider, it took to the corners very smoothly and it never felt light around this picturesque part of wales. Looking behind me the revision mirror just got all the angles, I needed for a nice view behind me too.


Country Road Inspired Photo Shoot

We only had an hour and Simon Thompson, my photographer chose the location and it was perfect. It took me back to where my roots are from, farm open space and rural life. I chose up and coming brands and brands that have withstood the test of times. Just like, Fiat who will be celebrating 50 years of classic moments in history. This car is a celebration about life and its power on the open road. For me the 124 Spider is an affordable luxury car that can and must be intertwined with a luxury lifestyle of your own. I chose to blend in my vintage expensive brands to showcase my personality. That is the core essence of the 124 Spider, being seen and turning heads.


Tobacco Brown

This tobacco brown interior is a classic colour that Italians are famous for in all luxury cars. So for Fiat to place it in a more affordable 124 Spider is also part of why it will be successful. You feel classy, you feel luxury and it just looks stylish. The simple things in life such as Fiats have always stood the test of time. The Italians here don’t shy away from their history and that is what we as consumers are so used too and love about Fiat. The interior in convertibles are such a unique selling point and are one very reason we buy such a car. With the hood down you want to show it of.

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For me this was a beautiful introduction to the Fiat brand. If you have the cash to spare this car can be driven by all for all ages, even as a young as 18 years old. This is a very safe, stylish, sporty and fun car to own.

It is always so nice to connect with my Italian counterparts. After this introduction to Fiat my heart is set on going to Turin to find out more about the history of Fiat. Until we meet again, grazie melli.

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