Monique Collignon

Whilst in Holland I received a very powerful tweet invite regarding Haute Couture Fashion in Holland. Unbeknownst I had the privilege  in meeting one of Holland’s established Couture designers called Monique Collignon.

She has been designing for over 20 years and has become a well known Haute Couture designer in The Netherlands. Whilst meeting her Monique elaborated on her plans for the new future. It is what I call a massive statement of intent, a massive push for her fashion label. In September Holland will witness the grand opening one of Holland biggest Haute Couture show room in Amsterdam.


It is fair to say the statement of intent here for her is a huge calculated risk in where Monique is very confident to position herself and lead the trend. She explained to me that it’s important to go back and reflect on her profound experience and then move forward. This will be clearly seen through her future designs that take days if not weeks to put together. Monique will be marketing in a new way educating her customers the reasons why paying and buying from her is money well worth investing in.

Collignon Couture

The following images are Monique’s work of the past. As of next month, late September, we shall clearly see that being a women at the top of her game for many years now is truly a skill and an art that can only be mastered over many years.

In her own words, You’re as good as your last collection.

Gefeliciteerd (Congratulations) Monique and thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me. Very encouraging and inspiring.