Co-Vid is a new mental health technology developed by a team of University of Texas at Austin professors. The technology uses a video-sharing website to help people with mental illness connect with potential friends and employers.

The take over of our lifestyle is very clear. In the last 18months lockdown has been a takeover of life as we all knew it. The value of death versus freedom. That is why we are at war without minds. We can’t travel unless we have a PCR test or taking the vaccine. We can’t see loved ones due to Covid 19 restrictions. I am Australian and have not been able to enter Australia since June 2020 and this to date will continue.

Our governments have used the media to plant fear in our minds. The fear of dying, the fear of infecting anyone else. The fear of going to the supermarket. This is why mental health amongst many people have escalated. Even the division of vaccinated versus non vaccinated people.

Be prepared to lose friends and family over it.

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War On For Your Minds

With the impact from low incomes, disruptions and family income. Our mental illness has escalated. So it’s important to be very aware of what we read, eat and who we interact with.

Zoom is a great way of staying connected with our loved ones. This can help us with controlling mental health problems. Co-Vid technology is all about intervention and not allowing fear to take over our life. It’s fear of the unknown and this virus.

Choose your battles and stay focused on your mental state of mind.

Mixed Messages

We need to be aware of media and the contradictions of virus infection and the variables. So be mindful of what you watch and read. To avoid poor mental health. In regards to the vaccine. This is affecting mental health outcomes.

Don’t argue with anyone if you chose not to have it. Be prepared to lose friends over it.

Social isolation is going to get worse.

Mental Health Services

This has got worse and the best way to overcome this is to introduce yourself to a neighbour. Great prevention and a good way to keep your mind interacting. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are living in a rural area make sure you talk to others. This will help your psychological distress.

Economic Uncertainty

Hardships are here and the war on our minds need to be protected. The media is wonderful to escalate about fuel poverty, lack of food. Ask for help in your local area. Social inequities and low-income households will suffer the most. This is why in Australia men are protesting mainly for construction work against lockdown. The scene is ugly and their freedom of choice is over. Police have turned violent and people are getting hurt. This does take a toll on anyone watching this. We are at war with our minds. So be mindful of what you watch in the media.

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My friends and family in Italy did not get much help from the Italian government I have seen a massive deterioration of their mental health. Stay connected with your loved ones. Don’t argue just touch base and show up in your actions.

Go up to a stranger and introduce yourself. Getting out of your own comfort zone is good for anxiety.

Be Alert

If you know someone is struggling, just show up. Follow up regarding their health conditions. Try to be mindful that those living on their own will suffer from loneliness.

Wellness experiences within the home are a wonderful way to keep anxiety and distress away. Buy a scented candle. Buy bath salts to relax your mind. Do body scrubs and facial scrubs. Plenty of products online to explore.

High-income countries can eliminate risks factors. They can give food and basic living items to helo families. Each country will have a high level of suicide so watch your social media interaction.

It’s Only A Season

It will come to pass. Lockdown is not forever. Choose a baseline to keep your mental health Irish factors low.

Watch a TED talk. Read a book of self-help. Learn a new craft even if it’s knitting a cardigan.

Pick flowers and if you can pick flowers for others too.

Kids Mental Health

This is so tough and my two daughters are on average amazing regarding being so isolated. It’s hard not to interact with other children. I get them to do a hike with me. It’s hard going but to get them out and about is important to get them off technology. It does pay off. If they say they are bored that is good too. Let kids be bored it’s how their creative minds open up.

father and daughter climate change

My teenager daughter with her dad. Get dad’s involved too for their mental state of mind. Get them to use to being isolated and restricted it’s good to dig deep and understand how to push through lives challenges.

Food Insecurity

The lack of food for some is hard on mental health care. It can escalate for low-income families. be gracious to your caregivers and if you have extra time, give it to those elderly or in need.

Plant a garden if you have space or even a plant and help it grow.

Growing a plant is good to nurture for your mind. It’s all about perspective.

Learn A New Skill

Learning a new game, language or even to do sign language helps keep the mind focused on positive actions. Manifest goals in your life. Even if it’s wanting a new pair of hiking boots. It’s the little items that can give us a positive spin in life.

Help others even when you don’t feel like it. It’s proven by giving others your time, helps you see anxiety in a different way. Even if it’s fishing.

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New Income Source

If you are struggling learn to share your skills and give them to each other. Are you good at writing? Team up with some who could help you start a blog or write that book.

Don’t think to know one will read it. Just push, persevere to do something new. It will pay off.

The impact of covid-19 has taken its toll on many. The way we help our mind and what we feed our mind will determine our mental health impact on others.

Public health has been exhausted so make sure you don’t depend on it as much as you can. Use essential oils to balance the mind. Exercise even if it’s jumping on a trampoline.


If you can’t travel plan a virtue trip like heading to Venice.


Depression will take over if you let it. talk to others, express yourself in writing and use technology to help you change your mindset. Watch what you eat, avoid processed food and fast fatty foods. Dress up even if you are just going for a walk. It’s important to push through no matter how weak you feel.

Don’t give up on life and dream your dreams and act upon them.

This pandemic is all about how we approach the stresses of life. Avoid people who are negative energy in your life.