Chie Mihara is a luxury shoe brand.  Chie Mihara was born in 1968 to Japanese parents in southern Brazil’s bohemian and coloristic Porto Alegre. At the age of 18, she packed her bags and travelled to Fukuoka, Japan, where she studied fashion at the design school.

This year, I’m being super careful with what I buy as I am more conscious than ever of the fact I technically don’t need anything new. I already own plenty so have challenged myself to play around with all the things I already own. It’s the sustainability approach and I would even argue that it makes you more stylish, as the more you play around with what you have, the more you develop your own signature style.’ 

But us ladies always need more high heels that we can wear with fun!

Why Did You Start The Brand?

I always believed I had something unique that I could express in my designs, some story to tell, some ideas to share.

What is your favourite moment within building the shoe brand that defined you? The beginnings are always fun because you have nothing to lose, you can’t go less than zero! So you just sum up. Even though economically we were very tight, the amount of freedom we had was incredible!

Now I have a lot more responsibility, for all the people that directly or indirectly depend on us, and that sometimes makes us more cautious and fulfil some demands. But creatively I do what I want and that is really fun!

London Sock Company Chie Mihara

Explain The Comfort Engineering Of These High Heels?

My highest heel is 8-9 CM. I never go crazy on pushing further than that because in a long run it creates pain and that’s not nice on my part.

The feet must rest on the insole of the shoe. There shouldn’t be a gap or part of the feet that are in the air supporting all the weight of the body.

Why Choose Spain To Create The Brand?

I was living in NY before coming to Spain and wanted to go to a country that makes very good quality shoes, and in Spain, I had a few good offers.

How Did You Reinvent Yourself During This Pandemic?

The funny thing was that our top sellers this summer were high heels! Colorful, with flowers, metallics and really fun shoes!

Our customers were buying a piece of happiness and good times!

Socks With Sandals?

Socks with sandals at any age comes down too?

How you wear and what you wear is all about confidence. If you have true confidence you look great on whatever.

London Sock Company Chie Mihara

High heels Back To The Workforce Debate

I’m not sure we will work from home for a long time. Aside from that, women love to look beautiful. It’s our nature to dress as a work of art. We will always do that. So, I’m not a bit worried about women not wearing heels anymore. Because she’ll always do.

Are Your Shoe designs Created By Current Trends?

My designs are not to match the current situation, in that case, I’d be bored dead!

I design to give women happiness and joy for life!

I don’t follow any specific trend, but I love fashion. I love design. I love any creative expression that is totally unique!

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

How Many Shoes Do You Personally Own?

Also, I’m not a big shoe fanatic. I don’t have that hunger, obviously.

Sometimes I wear the same shoes or sandals all summer and they are not even from the last collection, like this summer I wore a sandal from 4 years ago.