What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic Drainage massage encourages the flow of lymphatic fluid in the peripheral lymph channels. This can help stimulate the immune system, allowing the body to naturally fight infection, disease, and even ageing. Learn more here.

I am now fifty in the last two years I am having a lymphatic drainage problem. My legs are swelling, my lymph nodes are not so goods they once were.  I walk a lot but it seems to be an issue. I have aching muscles at my hips. So I decided to buy a huge trampoline. It has been the best purchase for 2021.

Due to covid, I am afraid of blockage, and my lymph system and blood circulation need all the help they can get.

Lymphatic Drainage

When I jump on the trampoline even if it’s only for 5min it’s like a lymphatic drainage massage. It is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. After just one jumping session my lower leg pain that I have had for a year went. At fifty I am noticing hormonal changes due to pre-menopausal preparation. Trampolines are so gentle on my aching and ageing body. I am building extra fluids and feel fatigue at times.

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Drinking Too Much Coffee

The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. This changes when I get older. I don’t have health issues and just survived Covid 19. So this is a wonderful exercise to avoid blood clotting as it’s also moving all the blood around my body. I notice when I drink too much coffee I get pain in my lower legs. So when I use a trampoline this drains my lymphatic system into working faster and more efficiently. I end up feeling tightness at my ankles. And its effects on the mid-leg can be problematic.


Sciatica is nerve pain from an injury or irritation to the sciatic nerve, which originates in your buttock/gluteal area. I have had this problem for years. Now when I jump on the trampoline this sciatic nerve which is the longest and thickest (almost finger-width) nerve in the body stops aching. it’s amazing again because it gets my blood circulating.

I am finding jumping eases painful muscle spasms that often accompany sciatica. When I go to sleep I don’t feel any pain anymore.


This is the most brutal way to give birth and I had two. A cesarean section, also called a C-section, is a surgical procedure performed when a vaginal delivery is not possible or safe, or when the health of the mother or the baby is at risk. These were all my reasons I had to have one.

During this procedure, the baby is delivered through surgical incisions made in the abdomen and the uterus. Can you imagine cutting through all of this muscle tissue what it results in? I ache when I bend over. I am never the same regarding wearing low cut denim. I can’t wear anything that puts pressure on my scar.

I am always in pain due to the muscle never ever healing like it was naturally. My leakage problem is definitely an issue as I get older. But when I jumped on the trampoline it was an issue for few days. I had to wear a pad it was that bad. After two weeks the muscles in my Virginia etc are so much stronger. I don’t need to wear a pad anymore.

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The JLO Stomach

Also regarding the abdomen, it’s toning my stomach muscles etc. I feel I could work towards having a Jennifer Lopez stomach. It’s absolutely a win-win. I get off and don’t ache. I only do 5min slots as often as I am motivated to.

I recommend building towards doing one 5min slot throughout your working day.

Trampoline is so gentle on the body at fifty, it gets much more results.

Work towards jumping as high as you can, put a net around your trampoline. Who needs a therapist when this trampoline when the trampoline is a great alternative lymphatic massage.

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Mental Health

I am feeling up and down these days with so many stresses running through my head. The trampoline jumping makes me not overthink and relax when I am on it.

When I am done, I lie down and look at the sky, it’s so therapeutic and calming of my mind. Wonderful wellness alternative.

The trampoline is a great lymphatic drainage therapy for my mobility and compression therapy. As opposed to manual lymph drainage is so much easier by jumping.


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I find jumping on a trampoline so gentle on my body. It also balancing my right and left muscles so I can feel less muscle tension. I don’t have to put shoes on and it helps me stay fit and sane. Due to this, I work better as a homeschooling mum, writer and lover. it tones my legs too without the pain. I hate using bandages jumping is great lymphatic circulation. I also don’t get headaches and helps part of my immune system.