This is the first time I am wearing Chie Mihara shoes. I have been wanting a pair for twenty years. Why has it taken so long to buy a pair? I am fifty. I  need shoes that are stylish, supportive when I walk the streets of Amsterdam or Venice. I need shoes that elongate my short legs.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

I want shoes to also support me when I walking on cobblestones. I also need platforms that allow me to ride a bike and wear them most of the year.

Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Venice Rialto Bridge Gucci eyewea

Fifty And Fabulous

I know what looks good on me I have had half a century to work out what my personality and type is. I am all about an eccentric lifestyle and living an opulent life. I review luxury hotels in Italy and Holland at the moment. I run a magazine called MenStyleFashion.

I don’t need to be told or read any more confident stories, I am confident. Shoes give me that confident edge too.

I love to wear olive green and I feel, look and am fabulous at fifty. You can read all the hotel reviews I have done in the last three months. This is why at fifty my shoes have to endure my fashion lifestyle.

London Sock Company

London Sock Company are luxury socks with brilliant choices of socks that look fabulous with sandals.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

Shoes That Don’t Have To Fit Me

I have plenty of shoes that don’t fit me or don’t even allow me to walk 10min in them. Watch the video on Dolce & Gabbana boots I can’t wear let alone sell on the second-hand online market called Vestiaire.

Chei Mihara sandals with socks

I adore shoes and handbags because they don’t have to fit me. Accessories are king to ladies at fifty. They fit us and me any old time.

Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Sandals With Socks Style Tips

I love socks and I like to show them off with sandals. Now in Asia, they do this often and it looks super edgy and chic, no matter how hot it gets in Asia. I have ugly alien toes. They really are odd pair of looking toes. I am truly embarrassed about my toes and it is the only body confidence issue I have.

Trust me when anyone looks at my alien toes, it truly is mortifying. I love to walk a lot. I like to walk in sandals and platforms trending a retro style. So the only way I do this is by teaming sandals with socks.

Red Socks

I can’t ever go wrong wearing red socks with white sandals. Look how this combination looks like.

red Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Floral Socks

Mustard, pink and anything floral with these sandals is a must hit.

Frilly Socks

These bow socks with a combination of these sandals are truly rocked chic.

bow socks Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Bling Socks

Anything grey and bling with these white sandals are so versatile it can be worn all year round. Even if it means staying in lockdown in your villa in Italy. Calzedonia does fabulous fashion ankle and knee-high socks.

calzedonia socks Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips

Knee High Socks

How fabulous do these look with any knee-high socks?

Bike Style

Here in Holland women need to be able to have sandals that look fabulous for work. Team them with socks and the grip under these sandals means I can stop fast at traffic likes. men love seeing women riding in high heels with socks. Team them with a pair of denim shorts and it’s a hot all year round winner. Stockings with these platforms are super cute.

I keep you posted on the comfort, versatility of these sandals. Apparently, the owner of Chie Mihara understands what a woman needs when it comes to shoe comfort without compromising the style.

I will be the judge of that! I am a bigger lover of leather due to its durability.

Fashion For Fifty - Sandals With Socks Style Tips