Leather, lace and all things dark, moody, and mysterious is what it’s all about this winter. Glamour Goth is all around us and  it’s entirely up to you what fabrics, styles and outfits you choose to wear.  The dark secret lies in  on how much drama you want to add to your look.

 How to work the Goth Glamour trend?


Lace- set the pace with lace

  1. Lace is probably the fabric of choice if you want to incorporate some Goth Glamour into your look. Darker colours are perfect for this season, raging from black to burgundy and dark blues.  A lace dress is a fool-proof option.
  2. Lace pants worn by  Wes Gordon and cropped black trousers, is another trend you could adopt. She is certainly getting in touch with her dark side here.
  3. Lace cropped jackets  and high collars will certainly give the Glamour Goth message to anyone lurking around for inspirations.
glamour-goth,lace , dragon tattoo
All things dark all things lace.
glamour-goth,suits,lace jackets
Lace cropped jackets add to the Glamour Goth collection
Liberty Ross showing us Glamour Goth rocks.

You can do Goth AND be super Glamourous

  1. Breaking away from black,  Gothic  Glamour needn’t always mean noir. Embrace dark burgundy or green.
  2. Eva Green is the master of Glamour Goth. She is famous for those blood red lips and that ghostly complexion. As for her hair we adore that side-swept hairstyle and she always looks amazing in full length gowns.
  3. Velvet  is the perfect Glamour Goth material and the darker the better. In this case midnight blue is fabulously endearing.
Eva Green wearing midnight velvet gown
It’s all in the detail

Glamour Goth Rock

If you’re not noticed leather this year has come back with a fabulous vengeance. We are loving the combination between leather and lace. So if it’s Glamour Goth Rock you are wanting? This is the time to do it.   Leather and lace is in  every shop you walk into right now.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Ashley Green in leather and lace


Hair & Make-up

Make sure you learn how to have a  slick hairstyle, high collars and dark lips. As for the eye make-up, become the master of everything black, dark purple and bling.


Silver and black


Don’t be afraid of all things green


Don’t neglect yours fingers and lips