I am In Tuscany and one of my favourite historical cities in Italy is Lucca. Lucca has much to offer in historical buildings and shopping. There is one that stands out regarding a location shoot. This is the Atelier Ricci which is a palazzo, that also makes clothing.

Walking into a 16th-century palazzo full of fresco paintings is a priceless experience. When entering Atelier Ricci, in Lucca, the building is synonymous with elegance and tradition.

It has to be one of the most beautiful interior buildings in Lucca regarding fresco decor, it fits my quest for opulent lifestyle.

I am greeted by endless Italian unique art, furniture, and amazing fresco art on the ceiling.

I love looking up at the painted ceilings.

Atelier Ricci - Bespoke Cashmere Poncho lucca italy 2021 (3)

I have been in lockdown for four weeks and I am determined not to wear Pyjamas all through the lockdown. The danger here is that every fashion house is selling the idea of working, sleeping and partying in pyjamas.

A brilliant stylish alternative for stay homewear item is an oversize poncho. They are like wearing a posh robe. When I enter Atelier Ricci there are many rooms where I wait to be served.

For me just sitting in here and soaking up Italian history is an experience in itself.

poncho atelier ricci palazzo lucca 2021

With a mirror-like this it is a beautiful place to get a poncho made.


Poncho Made To Measure

I opted for a poncho which is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. I was undecided to go for orange or cornflour.

I have chosen a wool fabric in cornflour blue. It feels cosy, easy to wear and so very warm. I am on a huge estate and the villas are old and very cold. So wearing a poncho is the ideal garment for a villas lifestyle in winter.

poncho villa lifestyle 2020

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Atelier Ricci - Palazzo Lucca Gracie Opulamza Bespoke fashion for women (1)

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Poncho Style Tips

I wear it with leather leggings, jeans, and leather trousers. It’s a brilliant garment that will last a lifetime.

leather leggings atelier ricci 2021 lucca italy

I teamed it with freshwater pearls a timeless accessory.

Atelier Ricci - Bespoke Cashmere Poncho lucca italy 2021 (3)

When I am greeting people and need to throw on something warm this poncho is the perfect replacement to trench coats or wool jumpers.

This is a stunning place for window display.

atelier ricci lucca italy palazzo boutique 16th century (1)

Due to the lockdown getting professional photographers is a taboo. So, for now, I had to make do with my phone camera. But in a location shoot like this. One can only dream and imagine the shoots that can be done here.

Until that time comes to a very happy poncho Christmas to you all.