For the duration of 2018, Ascot Racecourse has unleashed an alluring campaign urging ladies to don suiting ensembles in a bid to stimulate a more unconventional appearance.

For the first time in more than a decade, Ascot Racecourse has rebranded its annual Style Guide to now feature six. It has been ten years since Ascot Racecourse introduced an updated Style Guide with six fashion edits. In particular, Tailoring is an artful endeavor in which women adorning suitably-tailored trouser outfits for an alluring look come alight.

Royal Ascot - New Style Rules For 2023

It’s time to get rid of that stuffy cliche look for a woman like a lady above. But keep the pearls like Kate Middleton.

It is all about class regarding showcasing womanly figures wearing tailored garments with grace and panache.

Royal Ascot - New Style Rules For 2023

Watch my video of vintage Dior. Turn up in this fabulous tailoring and no one can ever prevent you from entering this horse race.

Christian Dior Vintage

Sustainable Message Rules

Beaudiful audiences that he was seeking to invigorate an adventurous disposition and embolden patrons to be more inventive in their ensembles.

To celebrate a sustainable fashion trend, the editorial for ‘Sustainable Style’ incorporates five sub-edits. These include Pre -Loved and Rental, Vintage selections, High Street finds with an eye towards emerging designers as well as Luxe choices!

Ascot has been considered a premier venue for disseminating emerging fashion trends.

Christian Dior Vintage

The above is Vintage Dior.

It is renowned for its demanding dress code, often evoking the timeless spectacle of a woman clad in regal ensembles – ranging from a dress and heels to an elaborate cocked hat.

It is a paragon of formality; its rigorous uniform code conjures up an iconic image of women in quintessential attire – consisting typically of a dress, heels and headwear.

Royal Ascot

Ditch The Hat

I would like to see inspired by Netflix, The Crown headband wear with lots of bling. It gives a royal aspect to your overlook. For some, the art work is within the hair. Headbands look very regal for such an event.

bling head bands for tropical travel water lilly (1) Bling head band

Within the Royal Enclosure, Ladies are expected to adorn themselves with dresses and skirts that fall within modest proportions; hats or headpieces should be worn only when necessary. Suit trousers must also be of a complete length and in harmony with the rest of their attire.

MenStyleFashion The Tradition Remains

For MenStyleFashion men can still wear top hats, waistcoats and neckties. Maybe bring a Bridgerton look again inspired by Netflix.

Fashionable trouser suits have become a customary garment for those attending the Royal Enclosure at Ascot, remaining an enticing choice ever since they were formally introduced in 1971. For the second year running, women’s-suitable attire will be an integral facet of occasionwear and we’re excited to showcase that in our Royal Ascot Lookbook for 2023 as a continuing style motif.

I would opt for an upcycling of a man’s suit from Savile Row a wonderful sustainable message of wool meets tweed. For inspiration look at Wonder Woman and how adorable Galot looked during the first movie.

During the current season, I endeavoured to promote an enticing sense of liberation under enclosure dress codes and motivate racegoers to be more daring and inventive when adorning themselves, as well as in procuring their ensembles.

tailoring for women

Dior Paris Top Hat

Elaborate Formalwear To Sharp Dressed Ensembles

Royal Ascot is about showcasing individual styles in the modern world. Invest in Haute Couture gowns and suits with a twist. To embrace the lifestyle of such a British iconic event. So when you are turning up in a Bentley Continental GTC, everyone will be noticing you in a vintage green dress.

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For the next three years, we have made a conscious decision to depart from building up an Enclosure-based Lookbook, in favor of one which places style at its forefront. In my opinion, the evolution of style at Royal Ascot is vividly reflected in its racegoers’ attire selections. From elaborate formalwear to sharp-dressed ensembles, there seems to be a multitude of looks vying for attention at this prestigious event. You can never fail when turning up as Audrey Hepburn.