In a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth. Why did Kate Middleton wear a diamond and pearl leaf brooch which was given to her by the Queen?

In the last few days since the death of Queen Elizabeth 11, the royal women have chosen to wear timeless and elegant pearls. The Queen Consort, The Princess of Wales, The Countess Of Wessex and Meghan Markle. Opted for a piece of pearl and diamond accessories from Monarch history.

If there was an occasion to trend pearls for the most watched style icons of the world this week, it is the royal women that lead the way. This is the time to showcase the jewels the Monarch have owned for hundreds of years. Let’s take a closer look at the finest diamonds and pearls on display that no other firm can claim as their own.

Today as the funeral was watched around the globe. To pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth. It’s clear Kate has been gifted the best pearls in the world. Princess of Wales wore the Queen’s pearl choker and drop earrings heading to Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton wears the queens pearls

Kate’s diamond and pearl brooch was given to her by Queen Elizabeth 11. She wore it yesterday as the world watched. The Princess of Wales paid tribute to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, by wearing her earrings for the Queen’s procession on Wednesday. Kate, 40, donned earrings that were gifted to Diana before her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. The earrings, made by Collingwood, mark a touching handover from one Princess of Wales to the other.



Pearls are all about how we feel. They give a polished edge to whatever one wears. Pearls are robust and give out a message of wealth and elegance.

When she was 35 kate accessorized the bespoke dress. But what stood out was the tear-drop pearl necklace with matching, oversized pearl earrings.

pearls kate Middleton

Using a black leaf belt, strappy Gianvito Rossi sandals, and a simple black clutch. We can agree after seven years this image with pearls looks as if it was taken yesterday.

pearls royals kate Middleton

Pearls are a lifetime investment which can be handed down to any friend or daughter.

The Pearls Mourning For The Queen

It is very clear that the diamond and pearl earrings are a time for kate to mourn and remember the Queen. Today we wore them at Sandringham whilst touring the flowers given to the Monarch.


Queen Elizabeth loved Her Pearls

The Queen loved wearing pearls which may be deemed as old and stuffy, but the iconic pearls will always stand strong for any trend. Pearls are an item every lady should own. Get rid of the stigma that pearls are for old grandmas. As a lover of freshwater pearls, it all comes down to how ones can team them in a modern-day attire and lifestyle.

The most spectacular display of British Monarchy at its best yesterday was confirmed to all watching. That no other nation in the world has the power of diamonds and pearls as the British Monarch. The royal family and King Charles’s 111 walked from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey to give to the state Queen Elizabeth.


It was at this moment I noticed the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, also trending pearl earrings wearing a military uniform.

It was at this moment I noticed the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne, also trending pearl earrings wearing a military uniform.

The diamond and pearl tiara is worn today on Kate Middleton.

The layering of pearls with costume jewellery is a modern 2022 classic that any woman can adopt if they want to draw attention.

The Imperial State Crown

Watching for over an hour was the amazing display of  The Imperial State Crown. Dating back to 1660 Charles 11. The Crown has changed over the years to adapt to each royal wearing it.  Take a close look at the stones and motifs. It is embellished with 2,8686 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and four rubies. This is the world’s most famous gem. Look the Kohinoor diamond is just one of 2,800 stones set in the crown made for Elizabeth’s mother, known as the Queen Mother. The 105-carat oval-shaped diamond is the jewel in the crown.

imperial crown Queens Elizabeth

It was mined or found under the Kakatiyan dynasty of the 12th-14th centuries. Known now as the modern-day Andhra Pradesh. Historically the diamond was a whopping 793 carats uncut under the Moguls in the 16th century.  It was then owned by the Persians who seized it, and then the Afghans. These countries to date are asking for it to be given back. Should the Monarch give it back?

How Did Britain Obtain It?

The Sikh Maharajah, Ranjit Singh, brought it back to India after taking it from Afghan leader Shah Shujah Durrani. It was then acquired by the British during the annexation of Punjab. The East India Company got hold of the stone in the late 1840s, after forcing the 10-year-old Maharajah Dunjeep Singh to surrender his lands and possessions. It seems historically this diamond was always fought over.

The company then presented the gem to Queen Victoria. Prince Albert, her consort, asked for it to be recut and it was set in the crowns of Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary before being placed in the Queen Mother’s crown in 1937.

The Sovereign’s Sceptre remains the largest colourless cut diamond. It is one of the most priceless items within the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

The Imperial State Crown

The History Of The Royal Pearls

If you are a James Bond lover then welcome to the Bond takeover, of what a royal woman did to obtain her jewellers back. This diamond and pearl crown was created in 1874 by Russian court jeweller Bolin for the ‘grandest of all duchesses’, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna.
The exiled Duchess was one of the last Romanovs to escape revolutionary Russia; she hid in the Caucasus before escaping to Venice. Imagine her heart pumping not only to save her dear life but she had to leave behind her most precious jewels.
A diamond is a girl’s best friend.  To get them back she instructed a British antique dealer Bertie Stopford, who reportedly snuck back into the Vladimir Palace disguised as a workman to retrieve 244 pieces of jewellery, which he smuggled back to Europe.
After the Grand Duchess’s death, her daughter sold the tiara to Queen Mary, who paid £28,000 for it in 1921.
Queen Mary was a jewellery obsessive, who often reworked her precious pieces.

The 15 Emerald And Pearl Drops

She commissioned crown jeweller Garrard to create 15 cabochon emerald drops to sit between the tiara’s diamond loops, which she would interchange with the original 15 pearls.
On Queen Mary’s death, the tiara was inherited by her granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II, who wore it for important state occasions, switching the pearls and emeralds as the occasion required.
Lady Diana after 25years still looked  bang on trend with pearl attire,
Pearls with fur or fake fur always give a classic overall look.

How To Wear Pearls

Experimenting with the type of pearls you are comfortable with is the key here. So if you prefer the traditional pearls like Princess Anne, then opting to wear earrings is a subtle message for any attire. Including a military-inspired look which is going to be huge this winter. If you are a brooch lover then opting for a pearl brooch of any size will complete a classic cut dress at any time of the day for any occasion.
I adore freshwater pearls because they are ageless and chunky and the imperfections of the pearls give any of my outfits a very modern look. Freshwater pearls are easy to work with any outfit.
I am not a fan of darker pearls, I like to wear white pearls or cream.
Pearls are all about persona; taste and how much attention one would like to give to themselves.

Inflation Dressing

As prices of living are out of control. Pearls can be found at flea markets, charity shops or in your grandma’s wardrobe. The update is the keyword for this inter. This winter’s all about red, metallic and oversized padded jackets. Pearls look good in skirts, trousers, and dresses.
The best way to approach an idea regarding pearls is to start with earrings.
Kate chose to wear pearls gifted by the queen in a new portrait of her. Pearls are a regal statement for any monarch woman.
Quuens perals for kate-Middleton-pearls

Back To Tailoring

Everywhere I turn even in ZARA, suits are back. Tailoring as one gets older is a look that many women should adopt. So pearls are a timeless accessory to be put on a scarf.  Even over a waistcoat, which is always a wonderful repertoire for any female suit. Pearls look wonderful with wool. Knitted dresses and pearl or what I call oversize long necklaces always tick the boxes.

If you dare wear some pearls with a bomber jacket.

Noticed there is one shoe attire all the royal ladies wore this week. The black high heel is back.