I am travelling around Asia and it’s really hot. My hair most of the time looks frizzy and messy. So way back in Italy I invested in a headband as they look regal and attract the right luxury attention. I can feel and show as many as twenty-one different emotions at once when it comes to living in Asia. Heat can drain me and when out and about indulging in desserts, my hair needs to be presentable.

Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. Headbands can be inconspicuous and give out a mysterious vibe of what I am portraying to be.

The is a glitz and glamour wearing headbands and combined with a vintage dress it can really be like icing on the cake. My life is all about activity and vitality and when reviewing luxury hotels. I have to look slick, chic and not untidy.

Headbands are easy to slip on and off and create a very awe-inspiring look.

Kate Middleton is an advocate for headbands to give an extra posh overlook outcome.

My obsession for head bands aged fifty, has led me on a global journey of now purchasing over fifteen in one year.

How To Choose Your Head Ban Style?

I bought this in Thailand, Bangkok. It is really thick, colourful and not easily found. I love the width as it covers my great hair.  it really can leave a long-lasting effect when out and about. Wear it when checking in with Bangkok Airlines, you will be surprised at the upgrade I got.

bling head bands for tropical travel water lilly (1)

I like to wear it with my mulberry silk kimono from a luxury brand called Metiseko.

Silver Style

Headbands are the dominant force when wearing them, so opt for a more bling and silver colour to give your resort look a balance. This particular one looks very much like a Dolce & Gabbana piece. Choose to wear it at an event such as an alcoholic beverage industry, it is a nice business ice breaker. When in Vietnam the French revolution decor is always lurking around. So that a regal message can always be showcased with a glass of champagne.

Bling head band

Choose Your Colour

How many times when in the tropics one just can’t be bothered doing their hair? Hair accessories are always a must-buy. I opt for thicker bands as they cover unruly hair.

With bling headbands, they can capture the sunlight lighting encouraging conversations or the most serene feelings. When wearing multi-colour headbands red is an amazing colour to team it with.

Prada inspired headband

So when relaxing in the sun or sipping a cocktail, the glittering razes of sun, ambience and fashion trends are admired and set in the tropics. Even if you are walking around Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort, it’s always a must to look your personal best for an evening of cocktails and nibbles.


Headbands are jaw-dropping statement pieces a work of art on your head. They can give you a niche look for a boring outfit. Embellished headpieces with a Gucci-inspired bug teamed with silk is awe-inspiring to any outfit.

Gracie Opulanza headbands 2022 bling jubilee

Padded Velvet Head Band

I find velvet wider headbands the most comfortable. The issue with these accessories after an hour they start to hurt. Each one differs from a pair of shoes. Depending on your head shape go as wide as you can. You can also create a hidden pad for more bearable wear.