Our obsession with the royals the last few years is why. If there is one future Queen to watch when it comes to hair accessories then look at no other than.

Kate Middleton has trended wide headbands for some time.  These accessories are perfect for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in the United Kingdom.

The Platinum Jubilee celebration, which has been planned to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne, promises to be a spectacle like none other. The theatrical celebration will see more than 500 horses and 1300 performers create a 90-minute piece of enthralling arena theatre.

Tom Cruise, is one of the hosts. We are certainly bemused why Maverick for Topgun was asked to do so.

When I am driving a Ferrari Roma, I too feel like royalty and therefore trend many headbands.

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza

The Crown Netflix

The series, called The Crown on Netflix, has made one obsessed with adopting a royal bling vibe. One only has to observe Royal weddings to see that many guests always wear a diamond-inspired headband across the globe.

Bling headbands are all the trends for this summer. I walked into Miu Miu and Prada this week at the luxury seaside town called Forte Dei Marmi here in Tuscany. I am a trendsetter and was already wearing the headbands, I bought the week before. I wanted to stand out from the crowd here in Italy.

Prada headbands

Prada headbands are costing on average 550euro. They are nice but so easy to replicate. That is the beauty of me living in Italy. I know where they are all sourcing them from.

The staff at Prada loved my idea of wearing the triple headband trend.

Triple Headband Style Tips

Style can’t be bought but fashion can so if you can’t be bothered scouting for vintage items or creating your own bling hairstyle trends. Then you can buy from many retailers like Accessorize in the UK. I also like buying lots of bling in Bangkok. Or just head to Gucci and splash on some fast fashion items.

The first tip is to try as many on to match your skin tone and hair colour. My hair is copper so I went for rose tones. But I also realised why can’t I combine three headbands or tiaras for an eccentric look.

Gucci eyewear headbands

There is a Gucci vibe on some of the headbands I bought. I opted for Earthy tones, as they suited my skin tone and were very easy to match with my wardrobe. I could not stop buying other colours too. These headbands have just hit the market so I was on a mission. Rose gold was what i sought as it just suited my hair tone.

Pastel Colours

I then became obsessed because my soul is screaming for bling. I have growth hair at the moment and can see my grey hairs. So the hair accessories are there to also cover up unwanted grey hairs. As I am preparing for an afternoon tea day of festivities for the Queen’s Jubilee. I decided to buy a royal purple hairband to match my handcrafted teacup.

purple hairbands

So in my Tuscan garden, the energy is a lifestyle of the United Kingdom that meets the Italian renaissance. After all, I am fifty, time is not on my side. They are also fabulous for wearing at weddings and anniversary celebrations. Team it with a tule dress or skirt.

Tulle dress Tuscany

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips

Also, love wearing it when driving the Bentley GTC Continental Speed. it looks so elegant and regal. Bentley is a car brand the Queen used for many many years.

Benheart Italy

Gracie Opulanza Bentley GTC continent

Green And Purple Headbands

I started off with Rose Gold as it is a colour that matches many fabrics within my wardrobe. I then noticed a very Gucci-inspired green bling headband. New in the shops. It certainly looked fabulous with my purple bling headpiece.

bling kate Middltone headbands Queens Jubilee

If you are seeking more of a vintage vibe then go and have a look at Princess Margaret who was the master of oversized headbands.

How To Match Your Headband?

I always go over the top when I am seeking mental health attention. So today I chose to wear a bling dusty pink skirt I bought in Bangkok. Teamed it with my red clogs. Whilst scouting the vintage market many were watching my headband trends.

Gracie Opulanza bling skirt red clogs and green tote

Headband Comfort

I find the wider the hed band the more comfortable it is on my head. nothing worse after 5min wearing a thin bling headpiece and it’s jabbing into my skull.

bling kate Middltone headbands Queens Jubilee

Be inspired to create your own headband trends. get your tea cups out and celebrate summer is here.