The reason behind our recent fascination with the royal family is the main factor. When it comes to hair accessories, there is no one else to keep an eye on but the future Queen. Our headband inspiration is thanks to Kate Middleton 

When I am driving a Ferrari Roma, I too feel like royalty and therefore wear many headbands.

Ferrari Roma Gracie Opulanza

The Crown Netflix

The popular Netflix series, The Crown, has sparked a fascination for the royal bling vibe. It’s evident in the numerous guests at Royal weddings who sport diamond-inspired headbands worldwide.

Bling headbands have become a popular trend for this summer season. During my visit to Miu Miu and Prada, two luxury stores, I noticed the prominence of these stylish accessories. The seaside town called Forte Dei Marmi is visited by locals from Milan.

In Italy, I wanted to make a statement and show my unique sense of style by wearing the headbands that I had purchased a week prior. Being a trendsetter, I always strive to stand out from the crowd.

Prada headbands

Triple Headband Style Tips

Fashion is something that can be purchased, unlike personal style. If you are not interested in searching for vintage items or experimenting with unique hairstyles, there are several retailers, such as Accessorize in the UK, where you can buy fashionable accessories. Another option is to visit Bangkok, where you can find a variety of flashy items. Alternatively, you can visit Gucci and indulge in fast fashion pieces.

One useful tip is to try on different accessories to find ones that complement your skin tone and hair color. For example, since my hair is copper, I opted for rose-toned accessories. However, I also discovered that it can be fun to combine three headbands or tiaras for an eccentric and eye-catching look.

Gucci eyewear headbands

Some of the headbands I purchased have a Gucci-inspired style. I chose Earthy tones that complemented my skin tone and were versatile enough to go with my outfits. I couldn’t resist buying additional colors as well. These headbands are new to the market, so I made it my mission to find them. I particularly wanted one in rose gold to match my hair color.

Pastel Colours

After realizing that my soul craves for bling, I developed a strong fascination for hair accessories. Currently, I have grown hair and noticed the presence of grey strands. In addition to adding style, these hair accessories serve the purpose of concealing these unwanted grey hairs. With the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations approaching, I am getting ready for an afternoon tea event. To complement my handcrafted teacup, I made the choice to purchase a hairband in a royal purple shade.

purple hairbands

In my Tuscan garden, I have created a harmonious blend of the British lifestyle and the Italian Renaissance. Given that I am fifty years old, I value the importance of time and make the most of it. Additionally, these garments are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and anniversary celebrations. I suggest pairing them with a lovely tule dress or skirt.

Tulle dress Tuscany

Wedding Tulle - Upcycle Your Bridal Dress Style Tips

Also, love wearing it when driving the Bentley GTC Continental Speed. it looks so elegant and regal. Bentley is a car brand the Queen used for many many years.

Benheart Italy

Gracie Opulanza Bentley GTC continent

Green And Purple Headbands

I began my search with Rose Gold, a versatile color that complements numerous fabrics in my wardrobe. Along the way, I stumbled upon a stylish green bling headband, reminiscent of Gucci designs. This new accessory caught my eye and paired perfectly with my existing purple bling headpiece.

bling kate Middltone headbands Queens Jubilee

If you are seeking more of a vintage vibe then go and have a look at Princess Margaret who was the master of oversized headbands.

How To Match Your Headband?

When it comes to seeking mental health attention, I always make sure to stand out. For today’s outfit, I decided to wear a dazzling dusty pink skirt that I purchased in Bangkok. I paired it with my vibrant red clogs. As I explored the vintage market, I noticed that many people were interested in the headbands I was wearing.

Gracie Opulanza bling skirt red clogs and green tote

Headband Comfort

I find the wider the head band the more comfortable it is on my head. nothing worse after 5min wearing a thin bling headpiece and it’s jabbing into my skull. Get inspired to create your own headband trends and prepare your tea cups to celebrate the arrival of summer.

bling kate Middltone headbands Queens Jubilee