My hairstyles over the years have remained the same. When it comes to my hair I am very conservative and very afraid to take risks. Over the years I have left a salon literally in tears because what I asked is not what I got. Even if I complained that I did not like it. The stylist really didn’t know what to do or didn’t show compassion towards my reaction. In reading the Japanese, definition Omotenashi ( The Spirit of Japanese hospitality), I was more intrigued to explore more.

The Japanese proverb, 「おきゃくさまはかみさま」(o kyaku sama ha kami sama): the customer is always right, though many translate this proverb more literally as, “the customer is god,” since it seems more apropos to the omotenashi sentiment.

Yes I agree with this proverb.  When I am going in for a haircut let alone a restyle, you should think of me as God himself.

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

More and more I am exploring the hospitality world in London Mayfair. Over the last year, I have had the most prestigious experiences in Mayfair. So I was very excited to explore the Japanese salon called, Hiro Miyoshi Hair and Beauty Salon. When I entered, I was greeted by the most beautiful smile a Japanese man could ever give me. Not to mention, his hair was just as adorable as his personality. This gentleman I am referring too is the owner himself, Hiro Miyoshi. He certainly lives up to his name as I am now going to refer him to as my hero! Classic in both manners and suit style, trending a very slick ponytail.

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed


Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi ReviewedMayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

Marco The Brazilian

Unlike Hiro, Marco was everything opposite, trending a Latino flare. He was not afraid to show off his bare chest let alone perfectly toned body. Yes, Marco was wearing an open fitted shirt and one pearl earring. Regarding his skills with scissors, I thought at one stage we were going to do a Jennifer Lopez duet whilst restyling my hair. His attention to detail regarding his own hair let alone beard is why

I am now renaming Marco as the Ricki Martin of Mayfair. From the onset, which is rare for me, I gave Marco the freedom to do whatever he liked. Marco is passionate about all aspects of hairdressing, he enjoys cutting and colouring in equal measures. He is an opinion maker with a vibrant personality. This is what I adored about Marco. He took one look and I could see he had an instant vision!

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

The Colour

Marco chose to bring more of a natural colour into my hair. I was so surprised at the result because it was almost the same as my birth colour, many moons ago. The compliments I have received over the last week is one I have not got in a long time. For me, this is always a great sign that the colour and cut is suiting my personality at this stage of my life. The products used were not full of chemicals and when at the salon ask the story behind the products.

The hair products were created by a husband for his very ill wife over the years. Very gentle on the hair and no smell at all. Ironically, the products are made here in England.

Mayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi ReviewedMayfair Hair Salon - Hiro Miyoshi Reviewed

The Customer Is God

For me, the salon prides itself on the customers and the staff were always interacting with each other as well as me. I am at a stage where people and their stories are my learning, and sharing their gifts is an honour for me to experience. I have recommended this salon to many of my good friends because

Magaret Thatcher vouched for a top hairstylist.

I felt comfortable here. The staff come from all walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, which is what London Mayfair is now all about.


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  • Address: 63 Curzon St, Mayfair, London W1J 8PD, UK
  • Phone: +44 20 7493 8286
  • Opening times: Mo-Sa 9AM till 8PM