As a social media queen, I am always connecting with almost one million followers across Gracie Opulanza and MenStyleFashion. My phone is my business life. I travel a lot and with my two phones there is always a massive problem. Running out of charge.

Therefore my chargers for my smart devices are crucial for growing my business. On average I am reviewing luxury hotels and cars two to three times a month. These are very exclusive experiences for me. I like to social media in real time and my followers love to know where I am too.

The more I get access to these exclusive reviews the more I am tapping into my creative social media marketing soul. At the moment I have two silver ugly big fat mobile phone portable power banks. I don’t allow anyone to see what is tucked away hidden in my designer bag. The simple reason is, I am embarrassed by the way my power bank looks. My power bank,  does not match my personal style.

My current charger!

When I saw this  power bank by Uplond. I immediately could identify  with its chic luxurious style. I thought WOW, I want one! In their own words.

The contrast between each person’s unique dress style and their ordinary phone was striking.

Uplond The Story

A summer night in 2015, a group of friends, later to become the founders of UPLOND, were having drinks in Mayfair’s Lancashire Court, in London. They were facing an alley full of tables and well dressed people. Some of them were interacting with their smartphones, some others were frequently checking their phone on the table. All phones looked the same: Industrial made, plastic electronic devices with no soul. Living in a large city like London makes you realize how difficult it is to express your individuality. People are identified by the objects they own but these objects are owned by millions of people. You are not unique.
This was the moment UPLOND’s first product LOR was conceived: A power bank that will make you stand out from the crowd in a subtle, stylish, luxurious way that whispers to the world your appreciation of the finest things in life.

Blending High Technology With Style

I am all about supporting craftsmanship and brands that choose to make things handmade in their own country. Uplond, is made in England! Historically, the UK is known for classic tradition of manufacturing luxurious leather goods, fashion and cars. With Uplond all of its products are crafted by artisans and the LOR powerbank is hand stitched. When the product is finalised a personalised note is then added in your package by the artisan him/her self.  I do wonder what message they would say to me, but I love the personal attention to detail.
The materials used for making the LOR power bank are all chosen by you the customer. You can create your own very bespoke power pack that represents your personal style let alone your personality. For me, there is something very special when you explain to others that you power bank is bespoke. The very object I am showcasing whilst charging my phone is exclusive to me. Created for me and only for me. In the world of fashion, this is a very important deal.
For this reason at Uplond manufacturing begins only after an order has been received. The expected delivery time is about 4 to 6 weeks.  This makes it all the more special,  because it’s in the anticipation of waiting for your product that makes it just as fun as the purchase.
The power bank capacity is 2000 mAh Fwhich is ideal for top-ups. For reference, the battery capacity of Iphone 6 is 1810 mAh and of Iphone 7 is 1960 mAh.

Design & Technology

Over the last two years I have ruined my mobile phone because the cable has some how destroyed the mobile phone connection. Over the last several months I can’t tell you how many cables I have literally destroyed. With Uplond, it is intended to be highly portable, the charging cable is embedded into the product. Meaning it is robust and you can’t lose it. The battery capacity of 2000 mAh is why your smart device can be charged on a daily basis anytime you need too. The leather used for the back side and the charging connector are made of one piece. This allows the connector to have one colour on both sides. For those who understand handmade, this is a painstaking attention to detail skill. In the past, I have had leather cases sent to me and just one look, makes my heart sinks. For the simple reason the artisan, was not skilled enough to complete the task at hand and it looked cheap and nasty. With Uplond, the confidence is in the design alone.

There is nothing more gratifying for me that in the future thanks to Uplond. I will be hiding my mobile phone and tweeting out my Uplond charger instead.

I have now been working in the world of luxury for over one year. I am experiencing so many exclusive hotels, restaurants and cars. I am also at exclusive fashion events I choose to attend. Everything I wear, everything I use is under public scrutiny. My phones needs to be fully charged. My phone is my business life.

Me reviewing a Bentley. My current power bank does not reflect my personal style or my world of luxury reviews