We  are all very familiar with the famous “Shaken, not stirred” line thanks to James Bond. Whilst staying and reviewing the Dukes Hotel London. I was introduced to an Italian gentlemen called Alessandro Palazzi. He has legally been behind a bar since 1974. His passion for the martini alone is why I was inspired to write about my experience. As I learn more about the world of luxury and what hidden gems are out there. I can’t help ponder how talented people are.

Alessandro Palazzi,  passion was infectious. His enthusiasm for the love of being a barman for so long is admirable. He is so committed to the cause of Martini.  The whole Martini menu exclusive to Dukes Hotel London, has been created by him and dedicated to the James Bond movies of the past.

Ian Fleming For James Bond’s Signature Martini’s

The Dukes hotel has a dedicated classic bar. This legendary cocktail bar, I was told was the very place, to have inspired, Ian Lancaster Fleming who was an English author, journalist and naval intelligence officer.  Who was best known for his James Bond series of spy novels. The writer for James Bond’s took the existing rules for the signature martini and decided to recreate them. Expert Alessandro Palazzi shows us how to make a real martini.  Did you know that, Martini’s are never to be shaken let alone stirred. Even though, it was where Ian Fleming ‘s birthplace of the famous “Shaken, not stirred” line.

Did you know that, Martini’s are never to be shaken let alone stirred.

This classic bar is perfect for catching up with friends or business opportunities.  There is no music played here, it’s all about enjoying the bar and talking. Please be aware, this is a unique experience, so make sure you showcase you personal style  and book in advance.

It is the best martini experience, I’ve ever had.

Martini Tips

I would encourage you to watch and learn from the master. Please do make a time and effort with some great friends and learn the art of making a Martini. If this article inspired you too go there. Please share it on your social media handle and include me too. @gracieopulanza


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