Who is Natasha Meli?  What’s her philosophy about the art of fashion? Here is an exclusive interview on how hard is it to build a swimwear fashion brand in 2017. Freeze Frame Fashion for 2017 is growing strong as ever.

Walk into a Dior Store and look at a beautifully designed and made high end dress, it takes my breath away…gorgeous design in divine fabrics is an art in it’s self.

How did you get started?

Drawing dresses from a very young age of 5. My mother told me later I only drew girls in clothing. So I knew what I wanted to do and when I left school I applied immediately to study Fashion Design in Australia where I grew up.

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Spring Summer 2017 Collection Coming Soon

How do you become inspired by a certain design?

Almost anything can inspire me from colour, flowers or an old movie…I do love old movies and its where I do get a lot of inspiration from for detail as the clothing is so beautifully designed and made. I am also inspired by the music I love, and often look back and study in detail the fashion worn in the music scenes from the ’60s to the ’90s.

Does your work reflect your personal taste?

Yes, it must to a degree as you have to create what you love but it’s important to consider different figure types to ensure to create various shapes to suit all women!

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Can you describe your style?

It is defiantly a reflection of my love of fashion mixed with my love of music which reflects my labels image. In my early years, I designed in the ’80s and ’90s which I stay true to as fashion is always repeating. We at that time were influenced by the ’50s & ’60s, so due to this a lot of vintage concepts flow through my collections. I love Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Blondie and The Pretenders to name a few who have been a huge influence in my life, my art and my fashion…I reflect a flash of punk / new wave in all that I do but in a glamorous delicious way!!! We like to say FREEZE FRAME has a Glamorous Retro Punk look! Combining my fashion knowledge with my technical eye I believe this creates a good commercial yet edgy mix.

Do you try and keep with the trends or create your own?

I combine some general trends of course such as new movements of shape, fabric and colour, but each design comes from my creative inner source. I think it is important to be inspired to design from the heart to allow your label or brand to stand on its own.

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Do you come up with concepts for designs or is it more of an unplanned thing?

I sometimes come up with concepts that I love or something may just influence me at that time. But I do like to have some basic plans for the look or feel for each collection/season in place before I begin. I actually like to mediate and see whole collections in my mind’s eye.

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

What is designing for you?

Well, this is a big question for sure…I am writing a book called, “I want to be the designer” which covers this subject as I have many funny stories about the rag trade. I feel true design is a dying art in some ways as we are so fast with fashion these days and people want cheaper – faster- cheaper…which makes it hard to really concentrate on pure design. That’s why I love looking at high end beautifully designed fashion brands. True designing to me is actually sketching and creating a shape with detail in the mind. Yes, we get influenced by fashion around us which is ok as a whole as it all evolves continuously. But many fast brands buy samples and just copy and change the fabric etc. This may suit in some cases but for myself, I like to personally design which is very important that it comes from my truth!! At the end it’s about creating something stunning that you want to wear and feel good in it! Remember design is a small part of a very long line – sample, development, manufacture to a final finished piece is a big job.

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand

What do you hope to achieve in the industry, 10 years from now?

I have a very clear goal and know that I can build this to be an outstanding online shopping brand where ‘our girl’ will love to be a part of our scene. May my apparel make the edgy girl feel empowered and beautiful!!

What inspires or motivates you to keep persevering in this cut-throat industry?

It’s what I do and it’s my true love so that always keeps me moving forward through the hard and easy times!

Freeze Frame Fashion - Tips On Growing A Clothing Brand