It’s so fun to be a girl. Whether you are hanging out by the poolside or frolicking on the beach, you are spoiled for choice with the many options for swimwear online. Finding the perfect swimwear to suit your body may seem daunting. How do you know which one is the right fit?

By doing a full body assessment, you can pick the ideal swimsuit that will bring out all your best assets. This handy dandy guide will help find your signature suit that complements your unique shape.

Heavy Chest with a Full Bust

The right swimwear for you, if you are gifted on top, is a moderate coverage that will accentuate this feminine form. Pay close attention to thick straps and underwire that offer support. These elements will ensure that your twins defy gravity. A v-shaped neckline is very flattering as it draws eyes up and down. However, if you are feeling conscious about showing some cleavage, a halter top is a great option. Be wary of suits that have skinny straps with extra padding.

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Smaller Twins that are Barely There

If you have a smaller chest, there is no need to feel self-conscious. With the right swimwear, you can enhance your bust area without undergoing the knife. All it takes is a few visual tricks to give you an illusion of size. Choose a push-up or padded top that will give you a “lift” and ensure your best curves are high lighted. A top with horizontal lines will make you look larger. Ruffles will also add volume and bulk, giving you an aura of a bigger bust. Avoid triangle tops and solid colours because these will make you look flatter.

Picking the Perfect Swimwear to Suit Your Body Type

Plus Size in All Areas

When you have a full figure, you can pick a suit that flatters your shape. Many choices of swimwear online will work with a plus-size figure. The number one trick is to pick bright colours for areas you want to highlight and pick darker ones for those that you want to hide. If you want to create a leaner looking torso, choose prints that extend from your bust to the hips. Pick fabrics that offer tummy control.

Rectangular with Minimal Curves

If your body has minimal curves, a swimsuit that enhances your top and bottom is your best bet. Picking tops with horizontal stripes, ruffles, and prints will draw attention to your chest. In the same token, you also need to choose bottoms that have unique designs. You can pick those that have belts, skirts, and ruffles to give you a bum. Just make sure that your top and bottom components are balanced.

Short Torso

If you have a shorter torso, your goal is to find swimwear that elongates your body. An asymmetrical cut is an excellent choice as this will add height. You can also pick those with designs in the front area as they will draw the eye up and down, giving you a lean and long look. With this body type, avoid bikinis and strapless suits that make you look even smaller.

Long Torso

When your body is long, the objective is to break it up to fix your equilibrium. Two-toned colourful bikinis shorten your body and make your waist appear smaller. V-necks and high-cut legs are very flattering as they showcase your chest and elongate your legs. The number one thing you must avoid is bikini bottoms running straight through your hips and one-piece suits.

Hilton Molino Stucky. Venice 2020 swimming pooljpg (2)

This is me with a very long torso and short legs. I am reviewing the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice Italy. I like swimwear from Seafolly Australia one piece.

Pear with Heavy Hips

It is great to have a curvy bottom. A lot of women would love to look bootylicious. However, if you are feeling self-conscious, you may want to draw attention to your upper body to create balance. Bright or printed tops with solid bottoms will accentuate your chest while keeping eyes off your hips. You can also opt for skirtinis or tankini cuts. As a rule of thumb, if you are hip heavy, avoiding colourful bottoms is a must.

Final Word

Whatever swimsuit design you choose, remember to pick one that you are most comfortable with. You won’t have fun if you feel self-conscious. Most of all, you have to embrace your body. Picking a flattering design that hides your flaws and accentuates your best features will help boost your self-esteem. Don’t forget to dress your personality, too. Remember, the best fashion piece any woman can wear is her self-confidence.