At Pretty Green 2015 catwalk I had the privilege of meeting Sir John Vincent Hurt, along side  his wife and his son Nick Hurt. The more high profile people I meet the more humble they are. I just got sent this interview yesterday and thought it was time to launch it. There is nothing more endearing than to witness the love between a father and a son.

Sir John Hurt over six decades was recognized with a special Bafta for outstanding British contribution to cinema in 2012, and a knighthood in 2015. Since pioneering my brand MenStyleFashion, this is one of my favorite moments in where I capture the reality of living in the now and present.

The reason I am yelling is that the music in the background was LOUD. Therefore it was hard to think, speak let alone stay calm. For those wanting to learn the art of being a successful actor here you go.

He will be sadly missed.

When asked about his approach regarding being a successful actor, in his own words.

Things are the most challenging, when things are the most difficult