Way back in January I had the pleasure in meeting Hiro Miyoshi at his Mayfiar Salon. This time I was going to experience the man first hand, in the world of luxury hair. The next seven days I was going to drive one of the most expensive SUV’s in the world called a Bentley Bentayga. Along side that, I was been hosted by several luxury hotels, restaurants and manors across the country. So it was imperative that the hair colour and style matched the scenes. Yes my adventure was being filmed too.

Who Is The Lady In The Bentayga?

Who is the man behind the scissors and my hair colour? This week was about me appreciating the moment. More so, the people who believed in me and helped me market my vision for both myself and MenStyleFashion. Just to give you and idea where MSF is seated globally, we are ranked number three on-line in the world in 2017. So as the pressure builds and I need to work with those who understand me.

I asked Hiro if he wanted to be part of my next journey. He graciously, said Yes! Hiro taught me valuable lessons whilst he coloured my hair.  For me, the art of success is meeting where people are at and listening to their stories.

Even though Hiro Miyoshi is a business, Hiro explained to me, that he is only good as his customers who continue to be faithful to him.

Hiro has perfected the art of reading where a person is at, in their life. The moment he engaged with me. Hiro, loved what I had to share and took the time to listen.

Hiro understood what I was wanting, this week. The truth be known, I had no idea what I wanted regarding my hair. Therefore with his wealth of experience and putting my trust in him, I knew I would be like an eagle soaring high. How many of us go to the hairdresser, seeking the perfect hairstyle or cut, that to me is secondary. I choose the salon and the particular hairstylist on pure trust and bond. I choose the master, so that when I walk out of the salon, I am the Queen’s of my our own social environment. In this case, my Bentley Bentayga.

This week Hiro understood my challenge in the world of MenStyleFashion. And graciously listened to me. This journey was about me being transformed into the world of Bentley. Who and what was this quest going to be about? The reality is I had no idea. But my mood was in high form as a result of Hiro and how he coloured my hair.

When it comes to my hair, I can only sum it up like this. Happy Gracie Opulanza, happy MenStyleFashion team.

The last thing I had to worry about was my hair and that was thanks to Hiro.

As the days wore on, my hair just seemed to look better and better. In the manic schedule, there was one thing less I had to worry about. Thanks to Hiro that was my hairstyle and the fabulous colours.


  • Website: www.hiromiyoshi.com
  • Address: 63 Curzon St, Mayfair, London W1J 8PD, UK
  • Phone: +44 20 7493 8286
  • Opening times: Mo-Sa 9AM till 8PM