Over the last few months I have reviewed 23 luxury cars. It is hard not to compare one car brand from another. But driving a 220,000 New Bentley GT Continental Grand Tourer  is why I want to inspire all women to embrace the finest of quality when it comes to luxury cars. The Bentley brand stands alone, a different pedigree that is like no other.

In 2018, how should a women dress when driving such an exclusive car? For me at this level the fashion rules are there to be broken and explored. The challenge for me is to be able to be comfortable whilst driving and to build a relationship with my Bentley GT. This week I noticed, that stereotypical impressions that Bentley cars are for old men is well and truly not the case when it come to the New GT Continental Grand Tourer. To be honest, for me it is a car for us women. Every time I turned up in any location, men were the ones that were staring at me. Some what bemused,  to see a woman, stepping out of this aggressive and sporty luxury car.

Who is that lady in the New Bentley GT Continental for 2019?  Here are my lifestyle and fashion tips.

Bentley GT By Night logo

Throughout this luxury week there were plenty of moments that turned into memory makers.

Give the gift of escape with gifting yourself a Country living and driving a luxury Bentley GT Continental, Grand Tourer!

Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa in Lake District

Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa in Lake District Lake District Bentley GT Continental

The video is about the Swinton Estate, the interior design of the New Bentley GT Continental and the technology that helped me get through their narrow gate.

Swinton Estate

Tucked away in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales was Swinton Estate a luxury spa and hotel. It was important for me on this occasion to be comfortable in what I wore.This estate rarely disappointing offering the chance to rediscover that old fashioned pastime of quietly browsing and experiencing  luxury accommodation in such a pretty setting.

Swinton Estate hotel

Swinton estate Yorkshire dales

Owl Fabulous Designs

This is the first time I have ever been so close to an owl and they are truly amazing.  What is also trending are quirky gifts for a wise-owl. Statement bags for dream fanatics. I love this deep, on trend colour. The print on this bag is pretty and practical.

Furls owl leather bag


Swinton Park Owl Bird

It got me thinking what am I going to trend for this exclusive car? As I was hosted by 5star Hotels, private clubs and Castles I decided to go for colour and shoes that are comfortable. It was important I elevated my autumn look with a sumptuous leather, real or faux piece. It is always one of the hardest – working items in my wardrobe.


Leather Skirts And Trousers

Leather has parked its rock,n roll associations in favour of something a little more ladylike. Coloured leather think red, or brown makes this cool lady fabric elegant and lifestyle appropriate no matter what luxury occasion I was turning up to. Whether it be leather trousers or  a leather skirt, it is very versatile for any unexpected British weather. It also very comfortable to drive in as well. It looks posh and edgy no matter what the occasion.

Bentley GT Gracie Opulanza leather trousers

Leather skirts fashion trousers and knee high boots

New to leather is a pair of chic black leather culotttes is a great place to start, Low key and luxe, the relaxed shape is as flattering and comfortable as your most beloved trousers. I dared to trend this in the New Bentley GT. They also come with an elasticated waste band,  perfect for my culinary eating in fine dining settings.

Hermes scarf

Cocktail trends

. Food cocktails Swinton etsate breakfast avocado

You can also tuck them into boots! When I am fuelling, the attention I get turning up in the New Bentley GT is data in itself. Under my woollen tartan jacket is an exclusive t-shirt with a mirror jaguar design. Bespoke order only.  This goes with anything and everything.

leather Uterque red trousers leggings

GT Bentley Fuel

Notice the reflection of my T-shirt Jaguar whilst fuelling up?

Bespoke Cross Stitched Boots

In the new Bentley GT, there are roughly over 360,000 crossed stitched work of art to create the leather diamond interior. It is all done by hand and has to be admired.  This luxury hide is a celebration of British bespoke skills only to be found in the Bentley brand. To celebrate such a work of art, I chose winter boots which are a staple for every wardrobe. I have picked the best classic style boot with an edgy twist to give me a helping hand. So the leather knee high boots with cross stitched design matched the Bentley GT, bespoke leather hide interior, perfectly.

Boots are so versatile, it added an everyday luxury from smart separates to my everyday off duty bespoke knitwear skirt.

Leather knee high boots Bentley GT 2018 Fashion

Leather knee high boots Bentley GT 2018 Fashion bedroom

Leather knee high boots Bentley GT 2018 Fashion Swinton Park Hotel

Leather knee high boots Bentley GT 2018 Interior Leather Hide

Knitwear Look Cosy

In winter I always, look to cosy knitwear to play down the edginess of leather. Similar tones worn top and bottom will elongate your silhouette. A luxe black cable has wardrobe staying power.  Knitwear skirts, on this occasion I am trending beetle green, perfect for the festive season. Equally my new best friend was  my tight fitted cardigan, which I was used every day with different leather items.

I am a big fan of colourful socks. so don’t forget to get your fabulous wool socks in calico patterns to give your overall look a fabulous stylish and functional look. Very empowering when you are driving and stepping out of a Bentley GT,  It is all about living the lifestyle.

Bentley GT cardigan Gracie Opulanza

2011, eye-wear it is why I began Gracie Opulanza. They are such a powerful statement!

Knitwear skirt dog bentley GT gracie Opulanza

Socks for winter Gracie Opulanza Swinton estate

Mood Lighting Deep Rich Trends Of Red

As I was trending every single shade of red, it was important that my Bentley Mood lighting, matched how I was feeling especially at night.

Mood lighting Bentley GT Continental Mood lighting Bentley GT Continental

Tartan British Heritage

Just like the New Bentley GT Continental, for me this was a week celebrating the best of British heritage. Modern designs regarding wool fashion  over the years has been one of those trends dominated here in the United Kingdom. Choosing a wool coat with off – duty accessories is why my MarcCain tartan jacket was a winner all day and all night. It matched my mood, my leather items and lifestyle.

Choosing a red colour, made a strong print more wearable for this luxury adventure.

Tartan jacket NKB London ring bentley GT interior

Tartan wool jacket marccain

Gold Plated Jewellery Bespoke

To have and to hold, it’s time to update your neck, wrist and ear candy. My new bespoke Enaxagon, Part of six of six collection. Is why my autumn swoon worthy accessory style, looked amazing every where I drove for hours.

Nakibirango bespoke ring gold plated

Innovative designer, Nakibirango, captured the very essence of the luxury market regarding a ring with practicality when I was driving, let alone dining. It was made and designed for me for the Bentley GT Continental,  a very unisex collection.

The Enaxagon ring is inspired by the regal and wise owl. Timeless and mysterious.  Made on order taking up-to 6 weeks.

Nkb London hexagon gold plated diamond inspired ring

NKB London

YVES Saint Laurent Vintage

Heritage influences lend an elegant feel to the Yves Saint Laurent Vintage jewellery. Very rare and one of it’s kind,  just like this New GT Continental Luxury Grand Tourer, my accessories have to be rare and eccentric. Gold plated 1980,s costume accessories are a massive trend for 2019.

When driving, eating or drinking fabulous foodie treats, I want my fingers to do the talking.

YVL 1980 gold plated belt Bentley GT

NKB London bespoke ring

When I am driving, or navigating the GPS, has to match my bespoke Bentley interior. Bling and oversize rings are a must have.

Bentley GT Swarovski is an Austrian produce ring

Swarovski is an Austrian produce

Luxury Car Trends For 2019

As my journey continues to tell a story of how fashion and my personal image has to match my Bentley GT Continental. I know for a fact, women more and more are earning the big cash to splash.  My lifestyle through my sensational hotel, restaurant and spa adventures is part of that luxury Grand Tour.

I adore what the United Kingdom, has to offer in the world of luxury travel. The combination stylish easy-to-use fashion staple wardrobe at this level is about celebrating the must have experiences. Team up with your friends and embrace life as it comes.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza

Give the gift of escape with gifting yourself a Country living and driving luxury Bentley GT Continental, Grand Tourer!

It is important to that my jewel-like lifestyle,  is practical and specialises in exclusive retreats.

Swinton estate spa hotel UK

Bentley GT Continental