Classic cars are a priceless experience, I wish I could have been part of the pioneering of cars during this period. I love watching classic movies in where, I go back into that era and dream of the cars, I would turn up in the streets of Britain, let alone Europe. It’s brilliant driving around UK and seeing classic cars here and there. I admire how people also dress up in that era too.

My classic car dream experience became a reality thanks too, The Jaguar Classic Track Experience. Jaguar put me behind the wheels for a thrilling Classic track session and I was taken back into history.

As I turned up thanks to Adrian Whitehead,  I was presented with the utmost envious line up of seven, classic cars. My jaw had to be picked up from the track! Better than handbags let alone shoes.

The following cars I drove were,  E-TYPE, XK140, XK150, Mk 2, Mk VII, XJC and XKR-S GT.

The Instructors

Ray Grimes and Howard Hunt have over thirty years of driving experience. They both explained that women progression on the track is very fast, because they listen to the drivers. I learnt so much by their gentle approach in showing me techniques regarding track driving. I highly recommend in investing in track driving days.

Jaguar E-Type

I can truly relate to founder of Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, who was absolutely gutted that Jaguar came up with this amazing beautiful timeless engineering of a car the, the E-Type.

Enzo Ferrari is famously quoted as saying that he thought the Jaguar E-type was the most beautiful car in the world. It is a legendary line, often quoted, but never explained.

I chose to wear a scarf around my neck, it adds to the charm and also kept my neck warm too. As I explore the limits of these chosen Classic Jaguars in the perfect ideal conditions, God had certainly blessed my day. It was clear blue skies and I was the only one on the endless huge long Jaguar Track for the next three hours, it was absolutely priceless. The only roaring sound were the classic engines and me laughing my head off.

From Full-Throttle

When Ray told me to go for it full throttle, I thought he was mad. My brain thought, these cars are from 1952 to 1970 and there is no way they could be driven fast on a track.  As I transformed into a film role, my confidence into Kelly McGillis, from Top Gun. I trusted Ray and off I went. This is important to understand, the instructors are skilled and I needed to trust them.  I could not believe how fast, this green classic car could go.

His gentle and precision teaching me new driving skills eventually transformed my confidence into Kelly McGillis, from Top Gun.

Why Do A Classic Track Day

If you are looking for a team building event for your working colleagues, or gift a loved one or just simply experience the world of Jaguar Classic cars yourself, this is an experience to do. The instructors are well trained and you don’t have to be a skilled driver to do this. They will guide you at your own pace and because it’s on a private track there are no concerns for other cars to get in the way of your driving experiences.

Don’t let fear get in the way of what I call an experience of a lifetime. As Winston Churchill said:

“This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.”

A huge thank you to Jaguar for making my dream come true.