Hello, my name is Naki. This is , The Pearl Of Africa shoot which was to promote the new Six of Six collection.

Uganda Shoot

Why Uganda?  It’s my birthplace and the soul essence of the brand. Nakibirango is my given name from my village and clan. Uganda received the title Pearl of Africa from Winston Churchill.
The shoot was a last minute decision 3 days before I flew out on 5th Sept but I managed to source an amazing kindred spirit and photographer in Papa Shaban who was going to be in the same place as me when I arrived, Jinja (considered to be the location of the source of the Nile). I gave him a mood board and brief of what I wanted to capture and he managed to align to my vision immediately.
The shoot was to promote my new collection Six of Six – a celebration of the hexagon. There are 4 muses celebrated within the collection and the shoot was trying to explore these muses and styles but using the backdrop of the brands roots and soul; Uganda. 
What inspires me: an element of trend but mostly it’s like a calling or a story I need to tell. I see something symbolic in most things around me, from nature to buildings or shadows. Every piece or collection I make always has meaning and mostly from something I have experienced. It’s my way of sharing and communicating with people. Most of my pieces will draw their wearers to them and I think that’s especially true about Six of Six. I am so in love and proud of the new collection.
The locations we shot were Jinja town, The Nile and eventually we ended up in Kampala at Port Bell.
Our muses:
The backdrops and locations provided such nostalgic moments as if time had stopped and we stepped into it with our modern and edgy selves! The rich colours of Uganda and her authenticity and charm added such elegance but raw beauty and soul to the whole shoot. Which is the essence of the brand – elegance and authentically beautiful, rough edges and all!
I’m in love with all the results and the connections and friendships that were made. To work with fellow and aspiring young Ugandans was so inspiring and obvious it was like fate we all met when we met!