What is a housecoat? For me, it’s a regal coat with a strong message of display of empowerment and wealth. A coat with an opulent lifestyle message.

I died and went to fashion heaven when I saw what Dior has recreated for their 2021 summer collection. Why would you buy The housecoat?

By using brocade Dior embroidered it with tarot and astrological messages. Why did they do this?

And as we are seeking to the stars and the moon for clarity regarding our future during this pandemic. Some people may choose to be wearing their personal message on their housecoat.

A trend thanks to Dior, that has begun.

It’s my way of storytelling of history during Covid 19 on a jacket.

What would your pandemic message be on your housecoat?

Never Give Up, would be mine.

Embroid Your Story

The housecoat is the perfect style to embroid my pandemic message during covid. So in years to come my family and friends will be able to wear a historical part of me. What is sewn on my housecoat, will make those understand what a pandemic meant for me personally?

A sewn diary of my personal events during 2021 is my housecoat piece of art.

Fashion using cloths has always been used as a symbolic message of how people handled themselves, throughout history during tough and enduring times.

Instead of writing my frustrations why don’t I sew it on my housecoat instead?

What astrological message would you sew on your housecoat?

House coat Dior 2021 Haute couture

House Coat Colour

How do you choose your housecoat colour all comes down to your pandemic colour message? I would opt for purple as it is my message to others that I survived this pandemic through wearing bright and royal colours.

This Dior ensemble below has many inspirational colours.

Did you noticed the colour purple? .

Summer boot 2021 lattice work black leather Dior knee high boot

Summer Lattice Leather Boot

let your summer boot send out a very creative message. it’s not about comfort at all.

What I choose to wear regarding footwear with my housecoat; is entirely about role play.

These Dior boots for summer with lattice leather ticks all the boxes for my summer. Elegant, stylish and a work of art on my feet.

I am a lover of all things made in leather here in Italy. Especially when it comes down to lattice leather.

Getting these made in italy would be easy for me to do.

Haute Couture Beauty

I have stated from the onset of this pandemic that everything bespoke and haute couture will always survive wars.

In the world of fashion during two world wars. Anything opulent was always sorted after.

It’s why we are watching on Netflix films like The Crown and The Bonfire of Destiny

Which has great capes and coats examples for me to recreate my own housecoat.

Opulent Fabrics

The housecoat from Dior is refreshing to see for 2021. Start designing your own housecoat and sketch your ideas.

I would opt for silk and wool cloths as they are beautiful fabrics for a housecoat.


Those sleeves are just adorable and a statement in itself of regal opulence. I designed my Pucci beachwear sleeves very similar to the Dior ones below.

Regarding fresh chunky water pearls, I am a huge fan of them even as a headpiece.

Dior 2021 bell sleeves

Watch on Netflix, famous Hollywood glamorous films for inspiration regarding your housecoat.