Here in Lucca, Tuscany there is a vintage fashion and antique market. Exploring the real gems can be an exhausting task. How do you spot a vintage handbag by Gucci let alone Loui Vuitton? Why are vintage fashion brands still so much in demand? Nostalgia fashion since the pandemic is what we are all seeking now.

This is a Suede aviatrix Boston bag with a 1950’s shield armoured knight logo. The hardware is solid too.

Suede aviatrix boston bag shield armored knight

Everything is authentic vintage fashion which can be beautiful and unique.

Lucca Tuscany antique market

Vintage Gucci

There were many Gucci bags and shows at different stalls. They were all niche and in great condition. It all comes down to preferences of use and what you are going to use it for.

Gucci cloth bag

There were so many Gucci bags to buy. All at various prices. The going rate I found at 300euro.

Gucci vintage shoes

The best way to know it’s the real item is to wait, listen and check others’ bags through the market for an honest comparison.

Gucci Tom Ford 1980's Bamboo high heels

These 1980’s Tom Ford high heels were worn once and in excellent condition. Make sure you barter as shoes are only bought if they fit the buyer. In my case they did. They now match my Tom Ford, handbag too. Beautifully made, with nails in the sole of the shoes.


There were plenty of Prada items on sale. Prada I find is much more popular in Italy to find. It does help if it comes in a box too.

Prada vintage shoes

Louis Vuitton

I am not a fan of Louis Vuitton. It comes down to so many people owning it. I found at this market there were many fakes. So be mindful of that. Check the print work. 

Inspect the Stamping, Shape and Size of the Font

Another feature Louis Vuitton keeps consistent among all of its handbags is the stamping. Inside the handbag, you will find a leather label.

Louis Vuitton bucket vintage bag
“Louis Vuitton Paris” stamp. Be sure to take a very close look at the font shape, spacing and quality of the stamp itself, because this is one thing counterfeiters very often get wrong. 

Louis Vuitton vintage bag

There are many sites you can authenticate your bag. When at the market, I always have my phone searching for how to compare if it’s real or not.

This store sold many fakes.

Yves Saint Laurent

I don’t own any fakes I don’t even see the point. It does not define me or my bank account even if I own the real thing. People own fakes to make out they are rich. I say earn rich and buy the real deal.


This store had a combination of fake and real Gucci. It was good to have them both in one space so I could see the difference. Brilliant place to learn about fakes and real luxury accessories.

Ring Tiffany Gold and pearls

This Tiffany pearl ring is valued at 3000 euro. The seller had all the paperwork to prove it is real. At this price at an antique market, i would want it to be in excellent condition too.


These were the real gem. Lovely to see vintage shoes, pumps like this.


When buying shoes, it’s important to be in tune with how they make you feel. Can shoes carry curses?

Antique Mindset

I am always attending because I learn each time I go to an antique market. I am always making sure I am having fun. I tried this vintage eyewear too.

Louis Vuitton

Our love for period features thanks to films like Bridgerton is why many of us now explore antique items.

gold antique mirror

One’s junk is another person’s treasure. It all comes down to luck, what one will pay for it and if the seller has no clue its true value.

French hand painted tea cup