Grace Kelly Style - Fashion Beauty Icon, Master Of Accessories

Grace Kelly’s Style is remembered most of all for her patrician poise, her sensuality and dignified elegance. She is the embodiment of elegance, sophistication and classic style. From American girl to Princess of Monaco. Grace Kelly had style. Princess Grace was and always will be one of the most fashionable and elegant women in history.

Grace Kelly Style – Her Choices

One important note in her style choices is that she chose clothing based on the style and quality not because of a designer label. If you adopt one philosophy when it comes to fashion. Make sure you choose the garments that you love and ditch worrying about what label made it. Many of her most well-known outfits were created by costume designers at MGM. Costume fashion is an underrated style approach that I will embrace more and more throughout my life.

She loved clothes with flattering lines, tailored details and a perfect fit. Grace’s style is that she really had fun with accessories. The Princess is known for her belted tiny waist, elegant gloves, pearls and glamorous sunglasses.

If the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton got her inspiration from the princess, regarding her wedding dress. Then you too should be inspired by Grace’s fashion approach and get her to look in your own gracious way.