What and where is Forte Dei Marmi, Tuscany? Where do the wealthy emerging Italian luxury brands setting up shop? Why are rich Italians shopping, sunbathing and wearing luxury fashion at Forte Dei Marmi, in Tuscany? Why do the Italians buy at Pietrasanta? This city is not too far from Forte Di Marmi. During the cooler months, they opt to buy, wine and dine here.

It is Forte Dei Marmi Tuscany, the New St Tropez For Italy.  But before we talk about this, Where is Pietrasanta?

Made In Tuscany

There is a new renaissance emerging in Tuscany for the last year. I have been living in a wealthy part of Tuscany, called Lucca. During the lockdown, I lived on an estate full of olive trees, vineyards, and roses. The rich Italians flock to Pietrasanta to buy sculptures, emerging leather handbags and to drink wonderful wine.


I reviewed a wonderful new hotel boutique, called Il Duomo luxury Suites. During these visits in the cold winter, I fell in love with this small city.

This is my breakfast view where many locals hang out. The cakes and coffee are delicious. Wonderful fashion is worn here on the streets of Pietrasantra.

The sculptures created here out of marble are shipped all over the world. I saw some amazing works of art exclusively to me.


But in the soaring heat, the locals head to Forte Dei Marmi.

Gracie Opulanza Olive leather made in Italy handbag

I bought some one-off pieces that are all Made In Italy, but from Pietrasanta and Forte Dei Marmi clients. You can see me in this video wearing the dress and the skirt. Great quality, Italian fabric, made by a Japanese designer. Many artisans sell clothes here in this city. The shopping experience is a lost art anywhere else in London and New York right now.

Living in Tuscany is all about a lifestyle. Heading to places like Pietrasanta and Forte Dei Marmi is about Italians showcasing their wealth, classic cars and fashion.  It is all about working with Made In Italy artisans that make these two cities unique. Many rich people from Milano’s head here too. Flocking to see what is trending.


Grand Tuscan Villas

Just on the outskirts of Pietrasanta are massive villas owned by international buyers as well as Italians. Forte Dei Marmi is not too far away from Pietrasanta. I noticed that emerging boutiques that set up shop in this city, also have another boutique in Pietrasanta. If you seeking to buy a villa please read a few of my tips.


Vintage Boutiques

There are a few wonderful vintage boutiques in Pietrasanta. I bought a fabulous brooch from New York designer, Iradj Moini.

Italians live a long life sipping champagne here in Tuscany. My good friend at 94, lives the dolce vita lifestyle here.

champagne at 94 years old

Every week she drinks a glass of wine or champagne, depending on how she feels.