I am in Tuscany Italy. Italy is a culture for living a luxurious life especially when it comes to living a long life. Italy has an elderly population and because of the family unit. On average Italians do not put elderly people in old peoples home. Instead, they look after them with respect, honour and admiration.

Due to the food, fashion and lifestyle, Italy is certainly a place where growing old is the place to live.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old

Claudia 94 Years old

Claudia is 94 years old and her serving brother in law Dario treats her like a lady. What son – law serves his mother-in-law like this?  Every week Dario eats and dines Claudia. He buys her some of the best champagne and wine here in Italy.

Dario has learnt the art of hosting a lady. He loves to get her opinion regarding her thoughts on what is trending in the world of luxury beverages. Dario loves to ride through Tuscany on his bike. Dario sells luxury villas and loves to drone the villas for international buyers.

You can see his work in the video below.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old Dario Tuscany Villa

Dario always takes Claudia as a mascot to his biking events. Claudia adores this outing and the men love Claudia too.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old

Claudia is the perfect example of living life to the full at 94. As part of her weekly routine. Claudia heads to the local saloon to get her hair washed, blow-dried and ready for La Dolce Vita dining. It is very common for elderly women in Italy to always get their hair done on a weekly basis.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old

Especially when walking the runway wall of Lucca or heading to church.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old

What Is The Art Of Living A Long Life?

Italian women of the past worked hard and love to serve their children and husband. They stayed home and worked the land, cook and made sure the home was a safe and happy household. Something we need to honour and learn too.

Claudia understands a life during the war. She has lived through two world wars and now a pandemic. Her mindset towards life is why she is stronger than ever regarding life. She understands the importance of community and why the family unit is part of her still living at 94.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old pasta

She makes sure the simple experiences in life is pursued at any cost. Food, champagne, wine tasting and getting her hair styled every week.

Claudia thanks to her serving community never suffers from loneliness. That is the beautiful culture of Italy. They make sure the elderly are part of the younger life. I learn so much from old people. My goodness, I am learning so much from Claudia.

Live each day as it comes. Tomorrow may never come. Salute to Claudia, what an inspiration that life offers simple pleasures.

Wine & Champagne - How To Live At 94 Years Old