Trends you knead to know for 2023 in the world of popular baking that allures the imagination. Indulgent baked goods have always been a popular eating experience due to that feel-good factor. Today people are seeking powerful ingredients, unusual ingredients, unusual pairings, elevated classics and healthier, locally sourced food. it’s a wonderful sustainable message. The shift towards plant-based diets and better health practices over the years is why here in Saigon I have tasted the best desserts ever for many years. I didn’t even have to go far let alone a five-star hotel to experience it.

Chefs here cater for local Vietnamese who traditionally do not like parties and desserts with too much artificial sugar. Therefore the creams and apple feelings are created with the finest of natural ingredients, at a very affordable price.

Ho Chi Minh Saigon - The Best French Desserts With No Sugar Fusion Original Saigon Centre (3)

This is a mango dessert, with eatable flowers and mascarpone. I find when I eat desserts here in Saigon I don’t feel full and my stomach does not feel bloated. I put it down to their natural ingredients. It’s no secret that health is at the top of the agenda and customers are seeking a reduced sugar option without compromising the taste. So desserts with high fibre, protein and fruit content. Some examples are high-fibre cookies and low-GI ( glycemic index loaves of bread. )


Ho Chi Minh Saigon - The Best French Desserts With No Sugar Fusion Original Saigon Centre (3)

With menopause in mind, 100 per cent, plant-based gluten-free items with premium organic ingredients are a must for us women aged over fifty.

Feeling Good

Obesity and sugar-processed foods are why many of us are overweight. I am seeking foods that are worth the gym count.  My increased preference for healthy holistic ingredients such as extra protein, fibre and vitamins in their goods. For dessert and food trends people are seeking less butter and cream and therefore a chef is creating natural textures of ingredients and incorporating fresh fruits in the pastries and baked treats. This apple danish caramel pastry was just divine. The apple inside was locally grown and the ingredients were natural sugar which was not sweet at all.

apple tart apple tart

It is all about transforming ingredients through natural methods of preservation into the customer’s mouth. This Ferrero rocher and pistachio gems were delicious, and so was the presentation. Creating elegant yet balanced food with a rocking eating atmosphere.

cakes saigon

Chocolate fruit bowl

Chocolate Meets Fruit

The berry family always teams well with chocolate. Bakers are bringing spicy and bold twists to their creations, complemented by their respective ethnic flavours. Bold fruity flavours have always been around but with smokey flavours this dessert was amazing.

Chocolate fruit bowl

Wasabi Ice Cream

There is a danger in mixing tradition with outrageous ingredients. But some people like me love to go off the beaten track. So wasabi ice cream was horrible. The parmesan cheese ice cream was terrible. However the pepper and charcoal ice cream was delicious. The best chef s are the ones who can make do with limited resources and still serve their guest’s delectable crazy dishes. We live in a social media world where the shock factors for views are immense.

ice cream pepper


Everyone likes a Tiramisu and this one was delicious with Vietnamese coffee. Did you know Vietnam produces their own coffee in Da Lat?


Designer Handbag Cakes

A Japanese chef called Shoji uses designer handbags and black jewellery boxes for cake design inspiration. Just think strawberry Loui Vuitton Damier print, maybe peach cake stitching on Chanel’s Matelasse bags. All use Japanese fruits such as Yuki Usagi strawberries from Saga, and red Sakura Momo strawberries from Tushima. Regarding the peaches which are white all the way from Shimizu Hakutoub Okayama. Food and fashion go hand in hand due to craftsmanship.


Eating With Experience

Eating with an unforgettable experience is what makes food unique. I like to venture out to eat food I can’t replicate at home. Going off the beaten track here in Vietnam is what counts. Eating with and eating from local produce is the key to an unforgettable eating journey. Creating restaurants with a smaller number of seats for a more fabulous eating experience.

Now is the time to come and experience a very different Vietnam. Tourists are low, food is plentiful and the people are very friendly. The presentation and quality of desserts are just amazing right now.

Value for money is so very high and the overall quality of food is amazing.