By adorning a bow to an unassuming dress, you can instantly elevate it into something more refined. This may be necessary for occasions such as wedding and party attire but if you want your look to look extra elegant then keep reading! The Australian actress, Cate Blanchet wore a little bow at the red carpet event leading up to the Oscars 2023.

ZARA has brought the graceful curve of its bow-adorned garments to prominence, with dressings adorned with lavish bows that can stand up on their own as well as kimono-style tops whose voluminous bows are proudly displayed at the rear.

I am wearing an elastic yellow bow dress from ZARA, which came out last summer.

Wearing a bow is all about standing out and having fun. Not everyone is walking around with an oversize bow top or dress like me.

ZARA Bow yellow dress

Why do I Wear This Bow Dress?

The bow is an astute choice for fashionistas. Beloved names such as Prada and Gucci consistently incorporate them into their wares – ranging from shoes to hairpieces, through exquisite jewels, to opulent ensembles- showcasing its undeniable influence in contemporary style.

I opt to use it as a top for many of my skirts and trousers. On this occasion here in Asia, I chose to wear it with a silk skirt from a brand called Metiseko.

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The History Of The Bow

The bow itself is an ancient device that dates back to the era of Sumerian hair ribbons crafted from gold between 2600 and 2500 BC at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, it was during the Middle Ages when ribbon-making had become technologically feasible with the introduction of horizontal looms; a time period when bows in their contemporary form were first realized.

In the early modern age, the bow was an oft-utilized adornment for both genders. Popularized during those times as a way to declare affection or pledge fidelity, lovelocks were typically created by taking longer locks of hair and braiding them before being affixed somewhere important such as one’s heart – effectively locking away something that is loved.

The bow captivates with its romantic air, acting as a poignant metaphor for the exquisite feelings associated with love.

ZARA Bow Dress Yellow

Woollen Bow

In 1886, Count Guccio Guicciardini conceived of the iconic modern tuxedo and bow tie we’re so familiar with today. Since then, men have been donning this style in innumerable permutations; from black to white or ornate ones adorned with jewels – there’s no shortage of options! In fact, it even infiltrated womenswear during a brief moment in the 1920s and 30s courtesy of actors like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich.

In 1927, renowned fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli stunned the world with her collection of knitwear. She was particularly proud to unveil a striking trompe loeil interpretation of the classic ‘bow’ motif – seamlessly incorporated into the neckline design!

Be creative and attached a bow to an existing wool jumper. It’s a great mental health mood breaker.

ZARA bow dress yellow

Last year, the cottagecore subculture established itself on TikTok with its whimsical motifs and opulent aesthetics – inspiring designers around the world to emulate Marie Antoinette’s regal appearance.

Women were an integral part of the bow’s history, donning a feathered accessory atop their corsets for aesthetic value. This curious practice was termed parfait contenement and marked a pinnacle of ostentation on attire – offering no function whatsoever!

Yellow ZARA Bow dress Gracie Opulanza Hoi An Vietnam and silk Metiseko skirt 2023 (3)

Due to this ZARA bow dress being elastic, it’s very versatile to wear and travel in. Look how bright I am looking here in Hoi An, Vietnam.

ZARA bow dress yellow

Bow For Sleeping

For those that don’t want to show an oversize bow opt for a bow on the back of your sleepwear. A robe from a label brings an alluring and soothing silhouette that evokes thoughts of cosy napping, with many garments accented by a little bow that drapes in the back.

Bow for the back of a dress from the label exudes a casual, cosy aesthetic reminiscent of snoozing and warmth. Many are also embellished with a curlicue accessory that fastens at the back. one such label that has done this is  Hill House Home’s nap dresses. Wearing a bow is about being playful.

ZARA bow yellow dress