Understanding the makeup of your genetic, inherited complexion is key to colour matching. Unsurprisingly, mastering the art of colour-controlling abilities is a contemporary phenomenon, Thanks to Google ‘How do I get my colors done? I get  233 million results.

It is not truly surprising that our social media feeds are inundated with the likenesses of celebrity women, Queen Elizabeth II exuding confidence by proudly sporting block-colour ensembles. And while we may bemoan the lack of suitable tops in our wardrobes,  it is an apt reminder that colour would age you or make you so much younger.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12)

Hoi An Vietnam Is My Colour Education

Here in Hoi An in Vietnam, I am so inspired doing my colours today. Choosing a colour is not just putting a top on and saying you need to wear hot purple or bright yellow and just hoping it works.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12) yellow

Yellow ZARA Bow dress Gracie Opulanza Hoi An Vietnam and silk Metiseko skirt 2023 (3) Yellow ZARA Bow dress Gracie Opulanza Hoi An Vietnam and silk Metiseko skirt 2023 (3)

Hoi An is all about helping me discover how to find the best for myself. I’m all about niche personality.

Throughout my career of eschewing conventional uniforms. I have permanently opted for colour.

cotton colour for crotchet

My vintage Pucci playsuit is a great example of how to choose a colour for looking younger during summer.

Gracie Opulanza Pucci print vintage onesie Rome italy Vatican City 2021 (1) Gracie Opulanza Pucci print playsuit venice 2021 vintage (1)

My Colour Goal

Investigating the composition of your genetic complexion is paramount. Make sure you revisit ancient notions of bodily humours, such as Hippocrates’ theories when determining which hues predominate in one’s complexion. Hues aren’t based on ethnicity; every nationality can be accommodated within any given season you have to tailor your makeup according to each individual!

Hoi An Streetstyle March 2023 Vietnam (4)

Most people think my eyes are brown so I carefully scrutinise my eye colour and pattern – a method which is not commonly employed by other analysts but was part of her initial training. Observing the green encircling my eyes provides further evidence of this; there’s quite an abundance of hues in my skin! When I chose to wear this pink MAC makeup eyeshadow my friends thought I had contacts in. This colour made my eyes look very green. it shocked me too.

Microblading eyebrow tattoo The beauty clinic Gracie Opulanza Aston Martin DB11 (1)

I wore it so much after this and loved seeing a new green eye me.

Through the color spectrum, we progress one step at a time. Perusing every hue is not as straightforward as asking, ‘Can I wear red’? Rather it comes down to finding the right shade of red: a vibrant Winter Red with blue-tinged hues or an exuberant summery yellowy coral that brings on glow and radiance to my complexion.

Red leather backpack made in Italy Gracie Opulanza
Levi's Denim Vintage Red Tag Gracie Opulanza Lucca Tuscany Italy (2)
I hate the Navy it ages me.

Is Navy The New Black?
Is navy an appealing option? Considerably, magazines advise women of my age to do it instead of a solid black ensemble. However, a wrong navy can age me a decade.
Stick to the right red I say.

As I walk around Hoi An I can start to see my new colour for this season or for springtime and that it perfectly suits the more vibrant hues in my colour wheel.

Hoi An Streetstyle March 2023 Vietnam (4) green dress Hoi An Streetstyle March 2023 Vietnam (4)

Embroidered Paon - Shou Gleam mulberry kimono metiseko VItenam (7) Fusion Original Hotel

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8) Gracie-Opulanza-ZARA-Bow-Dress-Hoi-An-Vietnam

See Ya White And Black

So let’s say goodbye to bright white shirts or black ones. these neutrals are off-limits this season as they don’t quite match up with my vibrant palette. On the other hand, our beloved black roll-neck remains firmly ensconced beneath a lapel scarf or encrusted with gold trinkets – an absolute no-no!

The most profound moment in the process for me was to uncover my jaw-dropping wow colour: apparently it’s an eye-catching, vibrant shade of yellow.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

The more you explore the potent force of colour, the more you uncover its trove of maverick tricks for enhancing perceptions that extend or direct one’s attention – it is a personal stylist’s treasure chest full of exploits.

For anyone investing in a significant item (like a trouser suit), it’s prudent to become knowledgeable about whether the color will indeed flatter them. This is an advantageous way to shop as it contributes toward protecting our planet while also providing one with style and sophistication! In Hoi An you can get a bespoke suit made for not very much. But don’t expect high quality but it’s going to teach you about the art of fabrics and colour.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12) blus shutters Hoi An

If you are seeking a colour analyst who is close by, how can you locate one? Easy come to Asia and visit the most social media town of colour one will ever be inspired by.

Hoi An Streetstyle Vietnam 2023 (5) Hoi An vitenam

Arguably, If you really desire to overcome some of your preconceived notions about what styles work and don’t suit you, it would be worthwhile to enlist the aid of someone who is specifically educated in this area. By doing so, perhaps we can also gain a better understanding! Or just hang around people who wear colour. Ask them to try their wardrobe on. Get rid of colours you don’t like and give them away and ask your friends to do so too.

Putting your faith and confidence in the hands of your hair colourist is akin to entrusting your roots with a master craftsman. It can be profoundly life-altering!

For me, it’s a far more expansive conception. It concerns who you are presently and how I am able to instil confidence in your life by furnishing you with an awareness of self-assuredness. Look at the lantern and all the colours that could match you.

Hoi An Yellow Hat Blue dress Hoi An