There are many activities to do when visiting Hoi An in Vietnam. This art and craft two which is dated way back over six hundred years ago offers many items that you can take home with you. Hoi An is famous for its lanterns both by day and night. I have visited Hoi An a few times and this week I decided to create my very own personal lantern. For the last year or so I am creating my own signature branding on everything supporting arts and crafts.

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Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

How To Choose Your Lantern Tips

If you have the time take a lantern course and see the art of how strong bamboo is. It’s a wonderful way to soak up the local culture. There are so many lantern fabrics and prints you can opt for. You can order a silk one or a cotton lantern. Silk is made in Vietnam and is a wonderful fabric for tropical travel.

How do you choose your pattern and colour? I would walk around the whole of Hoi An and you will soon see how many different types of prints and colours you can opt for.

Follow your gut, do your interior design research and have fun. You can opt for a small, medium or large.

Hoi An lantern vietnam

Gracie Opulanza Lantern

I wanted a very own lantern with my avatar on it. It is an experiment and I decided to go for a light blue and see how it all turned out. The fund of building a brand is to go with the flow and have fun. I am the first to ask for a bespoke lantern like this. I know this for a fact because I walked Hoi An with it to see locals reactions and they were very impressed. It made many locals smile.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8) Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

How Much Does A Lantern Cost

On average a lantern will set you back about $10. on this occasion, I paid more because they were going the extra mile to make my Gracie Opulanza lantern. the beauty of doing this is that the cash goes directly to the family and supports them to eat, educate their kids and give them self-worth. You don’t have this often in the world of fast fashion.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

It has bought me so much joy to walk around Hoi An knowing that now another tourist has come up with the idea of having a local create a bespoke lantern. This is one of a kind and it belongs to me and it’s my souvenir of Vietnam.

Cafe Interior Design

I hang it whilst having avocado juice a must-try when you are in Vietnam. The owner wanted to buy it from me, as it was unlike anything he has ever seen. As I walked around the streets of Hoi An, people could see the matching painting of who was the lady  on the lantern.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8) Cafe Culture

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

At fifty I am at a stage I don’t want what the masses own. Where is the fun now in shopping due to fast fashion like ZARA? I can’t stand it anymore for years now. I do also support embroidery art again with my signature bespoke denim jeans.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8)

Vietnam Hoi An - Embroidery Trends For Travel Gracie Opulanza (10)

Today was about putting my brand out there for anyone to buy. I am a firm believer in acting and then the business comes. As I stroll the streets of Hoi An promoting my brand it also gives me real-life data on if there is a demand for it. It makes wonderful home decorations for an open garden or just hanging it in your bedroom.

Hoi An Vietnam Lanterns Gracie Opulanza 2023 (8) Cafe Culture