As a digital nomad constantly on the move, I prioritize a practical wardrobe when traveling to hot countries. Due to limited suitcase space, I often choose mustard and yellow as core colors. Yellow is a vibrant shade that complements many other colors. Currently, I find myself drawn to the healing power of yellow. Dealing with menopause, I have discovered that the chrysanthemum flower, known as the yellow flower in Vietnam, offers numerous benefits. This herb aids in improving sleep, clearing brain fog, and reducing bloating. I firmly believe that embracing the color yellow will help me achieve success by 2023.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12) yellow

This herb aids in improving sleep, clearing brain fog, and reducing bloating. I firmly Embracing the color yellow is believed to be a key factor in achieving success by 2023. As one ages, yellow has the ability to enhance one’s appearance and radiance. The vibrancy of yellow symbolizes a sense of glow, particularly when adorned with a stylish bow.

Yellow - Travel Style Tips For Effortlessly Cool Fashion Yellow - Travel Style Tips For Effortlessly Cool Fashion

You can always opt for floral dresses when travelling with a snippet of yellow.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12)

Yellow is a versatile color that pairs well with white trainers and floral prints.

ZARA Yellow Dress

The ZARA bow dress is available in a variety of yellow and mustard shades. It is constructed with elastic material, making it comfortable to wear. To create a stylish ensemble, it can be paired with the Metiseko silk skirt, which is locally made in Hoi An. The dress can also double as a top, providing a solution for those with long torsos who often struggle with tops and t-shirts being too short and riding up.

Gracie-Opulanza-ZARA-Bow-Dress-Hoi-An-Vietnam Gracie-Opulanza-ZARA-Bow-Dress-Hoi-An-Vietnam

Why Wear Mustard?

Mustard, a shade of yellow, closely resembles the color of culinary mustard and flax. This color is achieved through the use of turmeric, while mustard seeds themselves appear brown. Interestingly, the English language has mistakenly attributed the name “mustard” to the wrong spice since the 1840s.

During my drives in luxury cars like the Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible, I often donned clothing in the color mustard. Surprisingly, my designer insisted that my leather jacket, made in Tuscany, was actually yellow. As I traveled through the Cotswold region, known for its villages adorned with golden-colored stones, such as Chipping Campden and Broadwater, I continued to refer to the hue as mustard. In essence, we can conclude that mustard and yellow are essentially interchangeable terms.

Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12) yellow Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12) yellow

I began to fall in love with everything mustard and yellow for the simple reason many people are afraid to wear it.  The color mustard has a rich history in fashion, particularly in Venice in 2021. It is a popular choice in countries with abundant sunshine, such as Italy and South East Asia. However, many people struggle with finding the right way to incorporate this color into their outfits.

Gracie Opulanza Benheart Italy

benheart Italy Leather mustard jacket

Chipping Campden Cotswold House and Spa (3)

Chipping Campden Cotswold village

What Is Your Go-To Colour?

In 2023, I have chosen a specific color that represents my ongoing journey as a digital nomad.

Benheart Italy

Bentley GTC Speed wearing mustard Benheart leather jacket

Yellow For Travel

The reason I am deeply drawn to the color yellow lately is because of its healing properties. Currently, I am exploring Hoi An, a one-of-a-kind town in Vietnam known for its Japanese-inspired architecture. Here, the prominent use of yellow paint on walls and buildings creates a unique and vibrant atmosphere. As I wander through the local boutiques, I notice that they predominantly use cotton and Vietnamese silk in their textiles. Many tourists are attracted to the exquisite embroidery silk and fabrics produced in Vietnam, often opting to have custom-made items to bring back to Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Vietnam Hoi An - Embroidery Trends For Travel Gracie Opulanza (10)

In Hoi An I also wore my bespoke embroidery denim Prada jeans I had made for my car reviews. Yellow is a colour that teams well with blue, pink, red and gold. People are afraid to wear yellow as it’s so very bright and attention-seeking. But it is a colour easy to wear in the tropics whilst travelling.

How To Travel With Yellow

If you have no idea what yellow goes with the following images of my street style here in Hoi An should inspire you to embrace yellow or mustard.

Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (10)

yellow Hoi An Vietnam 2023 streetstyle asia (12)

Hoi An Is An Instagram Gem

Hoi An is renowned for its vibrant lanterns, offering a variety of colors to admire. When purchasing fruit juice, one can find yellow pineapples, mangoes, and other fruits that serve as inspiration for incorporating yellow as a prominent color in travel. Additionally, the color yellow complements green beautifully, known in Asia as Celadon, a pale blue-green shade named after a type of Chinese ceramic.

Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (10)

Celadon is both a color and a glaze that was developed and refined during the 10th and 11th centuries. Celadon, the colour, has undertones of grey and jade.

Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (10)

Look how the blue standard is out when you team mustard or yellow with it. Blue and red look fabulous with different shades of yellow.

Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (7)

How To Wear Yellow Without Looking Like A Lemon Tree

As you can see a yellow backpack goes a long way when touring the streets of Asia. It is a unisex colour that works well with grey and black travel wear. So simply wearing a yellow backpack can lift a very boring outfit for sure. Or in my case, I am wearing a very dark blue dress by JW Anderson for Uniqlo.

Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (7) Ginko Hoi An Vietnam Yellow Japanese Buildings (7) yellow

Can you see how it would brighten up my very dull blue colour on me?

JW Anderson UNIQLO

Ginko Hoi An Vietnam backpack

Converse White With Yellow

I am surprised how well the Converse trainers team well with yellow. No need to look sloppy when travelling. You may also want to team yellow with pearls which are a very popular new trend for men.

converse with yellow backpack Hoi An

Yellow Accessories

If you’re not a fan of yellow but still want to incorporate it in your style, consider wearing a yellow hat, especially in hot climates. This vibrant color has the power to uplift your mood and energize your spirit, making it a great choice if you’re feeling low or depressed. Additionally, if you’re looking for interior design inspiration, a visit to Hoi An in Vietnam will provide you with an abundance of ideas to bring back to your own home.

Hoi An Yellow Hat

Hoi An yellow Vietnam

My Airbnb has yellow doors and it looks fabulous as a decor door.

Airbnb Mr Tho Garden Villa Hoi an

Hoi An yellow

Hellow-mellow yellow is the colour for 2023, in times of stress you can always count on yellow.

Hoi An Yellow cafe culture