Over the course of three years building three brands on-line has allowed me to experiment with marketing my own sense of style. I wrote an article over a year ago, Personal Style Versus Fashion, I I can’t believe how popular it is. In fact, the most read and sought after article on my blog. It shows that my followers read more about my own style and how I choose my wardrobe. This is an encouragement which has lead me to put my own name to certain brands. The more I am noticing new brands that are unique and showcase a different type of style, the more I want to engage with them with my brands. Therefore, it is this challenge I thrive on in marketing on-line new designers who want to showcase their brands with me. So this is my new challenge and I present to you my bespoke button trainers.


New Designers – The On-line Support

I interview a lot of athletes and they always comment on my shoes. When running after extreme sports stars, I have to wear shoes that look extreme and empower me to be bold out there. I travel all the time globally and it’s through these encounters with up and coming designers that I end up collaborating with people I choose to support, promote and work with.

I understand how to market brands within in fashion on-line. You see when you put your name to a brand, it is very important that it represents your work ethic and most importantly, your personal style. I hate sub standard cheap quality shoes. I am obsessed with shoes, I buy them all the time. I have promoted a lot of shoes worn and bought by me. I have promoted a lot of shoes worn and bought by me. I have noticed that shoe brands have retweeted my support. Now a retweet does not mean an endorsement but it’s nice to know the brand is at least noticing my tweet.

I have decided to become more selective with designers who need my help in marketing, their shoe or eyewear collection. I have the platforms to do this and do it very well on-line. I love the challenge of getting unknown brands out there in the cyber world. Also, I like the idea of putting my name behind a brand that I believe in.


Bespoke Trainers – Handmade Button Sport Shoes

I spotted these in a hidden place far far away. There was the designer just sewing away to her hearts content. No brand, no name no mission, no marketing strategy. She just did this for the sheer love of it and also hoped that someone would buy the trainers. I sat, I watched, I was instantly in love. You see I have a huge passion for buttons and I too do quirky things with buttons. I bought a pair to see if they were of the standard I was seeking. You see with my on-line platform I can send out a tweet and see what reactions I am getting. Real on-line data. I can kickstart an idea and put it into production anytime I want too, it is all about supply and demand. The reaction from my social media audience and me wearing these shoes in public has given me a huge idea.

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