Our report looks at the top 60 websites within the women’s clothing online market, examining in detail aspects such as Seasonal Trends, Keyword Competitiveness and Visibility vs Authority, to name a few.

We see past the physical appearance of campaigns and look straight to the core of the data to build a view of the online landscape. We wanted to show you a view of the women’s clothing market. Having access to data has been a constant passion of ours for years and we have acquired data from a huge array of sources in order to build our reports.

The Women’s Clothing Industry Sector Report 2015

Our top findings are as follows: According to Fashion United the UK online fashion market will grow to £19 billion in 2019.  Women are the biggest shoppers with 73 percent buying online, but there has been an increase in the amount of men buying online with a 13 percentage point jump over the last year to 65 percent, Mintel said. Research from IBIS world suggests the Online Women’s Clothing Retailing industry has grown rapidly over the past five years as online shopping has become a popular platform with time-poor consumers. The increase in the uptake of internet services among UK households has provided lucrative opportunities for pure play fashion retailers.

The Fierce Competition

The fierce competition, introduction of new marketing campaigns and on-going bricks and mortar battles means it is vital for companies to cement their positions within the search engines.

18 out of 60 of the websites which we analysed were down on average growth compared to the other websites from September 2014- 2015.

  •  www.forever21.com showed an increase of 198% in organic search from 2014 – 2015
  •  The hardest hit in 2014 – 2015 was www.lipsy.co.uk with a decrease 18% in organic search
  •  18 out of the 60 websites we initially looked at were seen to be under performing
  •  www.debenhams.com   and www.very.co.uk  showed short-term-ranking potential, with over 30,000 keywords on page 2 or 3
  •  www.hm.com and www.asos.com showed a high rate of link acquisition with over 1000 links pointing to the site, correlating with the organic visibility

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