David Gandy - British Model

Capturing David Gandy – An Artist’s Struggle

I met Nas at London Fashion week. I loved his work but I knew there would be a time and place to expose his talent. This is his professional take on how to sketch one of the famous faces regarding men, style and fashion.
After recently re-emerging from a pit of self-loathing and inferiority, I found that studying and recreating David Gandy’s face required a bit of mental prep. The extreme angles and awesome detail in David Gandy’s face was amongst the most difficult of portraits to accurately capture. As if the thousands of readily photographs available online for comparison wasn’t pressure enough, I felt that the male fashion icon needed to be represented as perfectly as possible. Here are some of the features that stood out for me whilst drawing:

Facial hair

DG’s impeccable grooming not only evoked a mild envy within me, but also challenged me to accurately translate the soft contrast between his facial hair and his tones in the surrounding skin. Somehow, his moustache has practically the same tonal depth as his eyebrows, which works as a framing to his finely cut features. I suggest you do your research on what kind of grooming he does/ gets done. You might be able to resemble his left foot (if you’re lucky).


The upside to studying DG’s face was that I felt a bit more enthusiastic about gaining wrinkles. The shapes and directions of his wrinkles actually encourage and embellish the contours and angles of his bone structure. Looking forward to ageing now! Just kidding, I’ll probably look like Morgan Freeman in 5 years time.


Skin Tone/ Contrast

Another thing to add to DG’s list of desirable features is his skin tone and the subtle contrast between those tones. Again, it was difficult to accurately capture such a refined yet structured change in tone. The colour and tone of his hair and facial hair also add to the strong contrast of his soft skin tone.
Conclusively, I advise you do some research on DG’s skin care, grooming and probably shampoo, and then throw money at whatever products he uses. Oh, and if you have low self-esteem, don’t look at a photo of him for a collective time of about 3 hours. Now for some therapy. Facial, then psycho.



David Gandy wearing Reiss blue Suit


David Gandy - Blue Steel Appeal Charity


David Gandy - Blue Steel Appeal Charity