Over the last several months I have seen the latest trends both in Tuscan villas and hotels regarding wallpaper art. Wallpaper art can transform anyone wall into a place of tranquillity. It is all about bringing nature and green into your home. To help relax in a bathroom or a bedroom. In this on and off-world of lockdown, wallpaper art is as powerful as nature itself.

All the below images are taken by me and I have slept in all these settings due to my hotel reviews.

Flamingo wallpaper art

Colour, nature and art always help anyone’s mental health and wellbeing. Interior design has never been so enlightening due to technology that allows artists to create wall art.

Unlock Your Creativity Within Your Walls

How many of us are working at home even within our own bedroom. If space is an issue then a bedroom for many is also the workplace. This peacock, floral-inspired wallpaper art is pure zen.

Selfcare and depression can be controlled by wallpaper art.

Unlock Your Creativity Within Your Walls

In small confined spaces wallpaper art can transform the mood within your confined space. During this pandemic sleep is essential. People’s state of mind has never been so up and down. Anxiety and stress levels are at an all-time high. Bringing wellness within one’s bedroom is one way of calming the mind.

Hotel’s are marketing sleepcation.  If you can’t afford that access then there are other ways of creating your sleep wellness.

Unlock Your Creativity Within Your Walls

Wallpaper art at Hotel Heureka in Venice. I had so much fun and felt so alive due to the wallpaper art throughout the hotel.

flower wallpaper art

Dining Area Wallpaper Art

Instead of buying a piece of art. Trends such as below are allowing the ceiling to floor wallpaper art to create a mood board. It comes down to personal taste.

Wallpaper art interior Design Indigo The Hague

I loved sitting here working it relaxed me the wallpaper art helped my concentration. Combined with velvet sofas the floral wallpaper art reminded me of my stay in nature in Tuscany where I was surrounded by endless roses and flowers.

Wallpaper art interior Design Indigo The Hague

Bar Wallpaper Art

As many of us have massive spaces to explore how we place wallpaper art within our entertaining space. The digital access to this can even mean we have The Lady With The Pearl Earring glaring at us whilst having a cocktail.

The Lady with the pearl Hilton Den Hague Holland

For those that can afford it if they are not willing to dine out due to vaccine restrictions. I am predicting a massive trend of bringing restaurant dining within one’s homes.

Bathroom Wallpaper Art

Wellness access around the globe is not easy at the moment. So to create a relaxing bathroom place with wallpaper. Is a way to relax and calm one’s mind.

Hotel hureka venice interior design (8)

You can read more about how hotels are using wallpaper art to lure guests in for a unique hotel stay. In-room wellness is a growing market.

Hotel hureka venice interior design (8)

Mental Health

Covid 19 is a killer on many fronts regarding controlling the state of fear, anxiety and unknown future. Our homes have never been so important regarding our personal wellbeing. No one can help you with your interior design ideas unless your state of mind is calm. Be kind to yourself where you live no matter the space is more essential than ever.

Feng shui within the home should always be taken care of.

Tuscan Villa for Sale

Not all of us has the luxury to live like this here in Tuscany. But using wallpaper art technology means you could imprint this villa on your home wall

Even if it is looking at a swan in a Tuscan lake.