Pandemic life has taught me about controlling my anxiety, stress levels and mental health awareness. More so than ever lockdown life has tested my sleeping patterns. since June 2020 I have moved around many places and hotels. When it comes to bed comfort it really is a hit and miss.

Movenpick The Haag Holland

Me filming at 2 am in one of my hotel rooms. Wide awake nothing to do with jetlag.


I often sleep well but more so especially whilst doing hotel reviews I am discovering a new message and it is called, Sleep Concierge people who struggle to sleep including insomniacs, holidays often make the problem worse. Now that we are staying home in our own countries, called Staycation. I am observing people want more than just a king-size bed with massive pillows.

Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century hotel 2021 (18)


Hence the arrival of sleepcations. New hotels like Movenpick The Haag in Holland are flagship hotels. Are focusing on making sure customers are getting a restful night’s sleep. In the ten hotel’s I have reviewed here in Holland most of the customers are Dutch or are driving from Belgium and Germany. So we are all not suffering from jetlag. What is suffering is Covid 19 anxiety. And seeking a stay in hotel’s more so than ever to break that lockdown feel.

I don’t want to walk into a hotel and feel like I am walking into my own bedroom.

I want to leave the hotel refreshed as I have been on a wellness break. Resulting in when I go home, I am feeling genuinely refreshed

Palazzo Heureka Venice 16th Century hotel 2021 (18) bath

Customized Fitness App

I can monitor my hotel stay with a Customize Fitness App to compare how sleep concierge services are of value. Then look at my sleep pattern data at home too. This will give me accurate information for future sleeping experiences that are worth exploring.

Here are some examples of what hotels are offering in order I sleep better whilst away from home.

Bathroom Trends

Hotel Palazzo Heureka Venice a former 16th Century hotel 2021, has the latest in bath materials. Including the bath in the room to relax guests. I often have a bath at 2 am, it seems 2 am is my wake up time.

Sleep Concierge

Hotel’s are now offering a chance for supreme rest and relaxation. When we leave our home especially during this pandemic we are suffering anxiety levels of travel never experienced before. Have I got my PCR test ready? How many masks do I need to take? Will I be able to board the plane after check-in? Will I get Covid on the way to the airport?

This results in temperature changes, unfamiliar environments,  morealcohol and jetlag. Where it often adds up to more sleepless nights.

Holland 2021 gracie opulanza Ben Heart Leather jacket

When I review my hotel’s I don’t sit still so I need my sleep to work.

Tailormade Pillows

At Luxury Suits Amsterdam, there were six tailormade pillows to deliver the best night’s sleep for me in Amsterdam.


Wellness Away Spa

WAmsterdam has an amazing wellness AWAYSpa to relax me. It offered the latest in swimming, steam and sauna technology. After a few hours in this, I had the best night sleep. In fact, an afternoon sleep too.

AWAY Spa WAmsterdam


Certainly, my sleepcation has taught me about the fundamental importance of relaxation. Whether it takes an hour of reading before bed, or a course of hypnotherapy, it may be worth it to slow your racing thoughts and help you sleep well.

Wall Art

Hotels claim that the art on the walls uses designs that are “scientifically proven” to help to relax you. I slept in many gorgeous wall arts in Venice. It certainly left me super relaxed.

velvet art walls

In this room the flowers which I adore always makes me sleep especially in lockdown.

vintage white fabric blouse

Sleep Room

The Executive sleep room I had in the Movenpick was all about the, sleep concierge. The package included a pillow menu. and a turndown service tailored towards a perfect night’s rest. Blinds specifically to shut out all-natural light and city noise. YouBed, which is all about adjusting my mattress to my liking. Soft, hard or firm this was very helpful for my aching back. Travelling is taxing on my body and so is changing different beds.

It all sounds very relaxing. Hotels are now even offering hypnotherapy experiences to break your sleeping habits.

Do all this extra awareness and experiences encourage me into a state of deep relaxation? The key to a hotel stay, for me, is having experiences that I can’t have in my own home.

So before making a series of interior design suggestions from hotels. It certainly does help me to reframe how I think about my sleeping patterns in hotels.

tapestry art italy

I liked this idea where I had access to playing chess any time of the day and night even at 2am. I can take these Feng Shui ideas and replicate them within my own home.